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COLIC - Children
By Louise Tenney
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Colic is a common condition in babies. It may be related to their immature digestive systems, causing gas and pain in the abdominal area. It seems to be cramping of the abdomen from indigestion or gas pains. It is usually associated with lengthy periods of crying when the baby cannot be consoled. What differentiates colic from other problems is the sudden onset of prolonged crying with arched back and tense body. It is most common during the first four months of life but may continue longer in some infants.


Bottle fed babies are more prone to colic.
Sucking in air with formula may contribute to the gas pains.
Allergies to milk protein either in the formula or from breast feeding due to food the mother is ingesting may cause colic. Tension on the part of the mother or father may result in a tense baby.
Try and relax, especially during feeding time. Not adequately burping a baby after feeding may result in bouts of colic. Overfeeding an infant may cause stomach cramping.
Poor elimination may cause stomach cramping and pain.
Medical professionals do not know what causes colic or why some babies suffer from the condition and others seem immune.


Take the baby for a ride in the car to relax and induce sleep.
Burp the baby every few minutes during feeding.
Relax when holding the child. They sense tension in caregivers.
Place a warm bottle between your lap and the baby's abdomen.
Rock or walk the infant. Baby swings may help comfort and relax the baby.
Be careful not to overfeed the child.
Make sure the baby's feet are kept warm as cold feet are thought to cause abdominal pain.
Massage the baby's abdomen clockwise to help relieve pain.
Warm molasses water can help.
A chiropractor may help if the spine is out of adjustment due to the birth process.



If breastfeeding
Avoid dairy products and other foods which may cause problems such as chocolate, caffeine, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, beans and spicy foods.

If bottle feeding
Check the formula the baby is taking. Maybe a change in formula will help the problem.
Check with the baby's physician.
Try using a bottle that allows less air to be sucked by the baby.
Sit and hold the baby during feedings.


Acidophilus and Bifidophilus:
These may help in digestion.
If breastfeeding, the mother can take the acidophilus supplement.
Babies can take a small amount in the formula. (open the capsule - 1/8 teaspoon in 8 ounce bottle of milk twice a day)


A teaspoon of tea can be given to a colicky baby. A nursing mother can drink a cup of tea.
(Open the capsule to make a tea)


Peppermint tea aids in the digestion process. A teaspoon can be given to the baby a few times a day, and nursing mothers can drink the tea. (Use 1 drop -not more- mixed with water - taste first so it is not too strong for the baby)

Catnip & Fennel Extract:

Catnip tea is often used to help release gas, soothe and relax the muscles. (Same as above - mix a few drops and taste first)

Red Raspberry, and Blue Vervain combination in extract form may help when diluted and given in small amounts.

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