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Collagen is the most abundant protein found in animal tissue. It is an elongated protein that forms fibrous strands that are very strong. Collagen is a major component of bone, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels. When bones and meat scraps are simmered for long periods of time, collagen is extracted and hydrolyzed to form gelatin, the stuff that makes soup broth have a hearty characteristic. Gelatin is also used to make desserts. Collagen and gelatin are very nourishing to the structural system of the body. Gelatin (not the sugar laden dessert, but the hydrolyzed protein) aids digestion and supports bone and joint health.

The body digests collagen and gelatin into their component amino acids and then has to reassemble them into collagen for bone, teeth, cartilage, tendons, etc. Because vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen a vitamin C defIciency leads to the disease known as scurvy which involves a break down of connective tissue due to a lack of collagen. This suggests that taking vitamin C with collagen or gelatin can support rebuilding connective tissue.

Collagen is used primarily for two purposes—one is to aid weight loss and the other is to help rebuild connective tissue such as bone, cartilage. tendons, skin, etc.

Before purchasing this supplement, it is important to know the difference between the 3 main kinds of collagen:

• Type I collagen is found mostly in skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, teeth, and between organs. 
• Type II is predominantly located in your eyes and cartilage. 
• Type III is found in your skin, muscles, and blood vessels.

Most effective collagen supplements will list both type I and type III on their labels.

In addition to the types of collagen, it’s important to look for a supplement with hydrolyzed collagen peptides. That just means the amino acids in the collagen have been broken down, so they’re easier for your body to digest and absorb. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides that have been derived from organic, grass-fed bovine, are far more potent and effective.


* Strengthens the structural system such as joints, skin, muscles etc.
* Contains amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

CollagenCollagen is a natural substance found in all mammals. It is an elongated protein that forms small fibrils that are very strong. Sometimes these fibrils are bound together to form collagen fibers. Collagen plays a very important role in muscle development, besides lending support and structure to bones, ligaments, and other parts of the body.

NSP's Collagen is a unique protein supplement combination that supports the collagen structures of the body, improving joint function and strength as well as enhancing skin health and tone. In addition, Collagen facilitates weight-loss by promoting the building and toning of lean muscle tissue and increasing the body’s fat-burning processes.

Protein deficiency can lead to numerous health problems including fatigue and weakness, lowered resistance to colds and infections, water retention and loss of muscle and skin tone.
Plus recent research confirms that insufficient protein intake inhibits the synthesis of bone—matrix proteins, which can lead to decreased bone mineral density and the development of osteoporosis.

The most abundant protein in the body is collagen, which is essential for maintaining the health and strength of connective tissues such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons. In many cases, the breakdown of joint cartilage may be able to be stopped or even reversed by enhancing the repair and regeneration of connective tissue.

Collagen should be taken before sleep at night, during which time the body uses its nutrients to rebuild and strengthen lean muscle tissue. During the first few hours of sleep, the body typically enters a state of anabolism—the building up of tissue. Afterward, the body shifts into a period of protein breakdown {catabolism} due to changes in hormone levels and the decline of anti-catabolic factors from prolonged fasting during sleep.
Thus taking Collagen at night helps to increase overall protein levels in favor of muscle tissue growth.

Collagen's protein source—hydrolyzed bovine collagen—is a concentrated blend of protein and amino acids. Nature’s Sunshine uses only the highest quality bovine collagen insuring its purity from hormones and steroids. Free Radicals and the breakdown of Collagen

Because they oxidize substances, free radicals damage the fats and proteins which make up our bodies. Essentially, the damage done by free radicals is thought to be responsible for all of the problems associated with aging. For example, free radicals break down collagen, a protein found in connective tissue that holds the body together. This causes tissues to become stiff and brittle. Free radicals also break down the elastin, a protein found in artery walls that keep them flexible.

Using Collagen

Collagen for skinCollagen and Skin’s smoothness

Collagen, combined with elastin, also provides the skin’s strength, smoothness and elasticity. Since collagen is replaced quite slowly, individuals with inadequate protein intake [which reduces collagen synthesis] often experience sagging of muscles and skin over time, due to the loss of collagen.

Collagen’s health benefits also extend to weight management. Collagen is a rich source of amino acids, several of which support the building and toning of lean muscle tissue and promote weight-loss.

Collagen can be taken daily with meals to improve joint function and strength and to enhance skin health and tone.

This product inspires the release of human growth hormone which burns fat and at the same time it is strengthening and repairing muscle tissue. Collagen also helps support the joints and has been reported to speed repair of damaged cartilage tissue. This is due to its rich protein content. As we grow older our joints take a beating and need to constantly rebuild
joint cartilage. This process cannot occur without sufficient collagen, which is the building block of cartilage.

Q: I can't make any claims about what it will do, BUT...I have several clients who are using Collagen for healing different areas (it's not JUST for weight loss!!).

My 13yr old son tests for this for his knees. He has Osgood-Schlotter's of the knees (the fascia pulls away from the bone because he's growing so fast) and is very active in sports. Using the Collagen 1Tbsp 3xday has really helped. He muscle-tested for this amount specifically for this problem as well as Sever's of the ankle's (same problem, just different discoverer and named after him! When he stays on it, his knees don't swell and ankles don't hurt. YEA!
I also have a 42yr old male client who has had numerous surgeries on both knees and is a candidate for knee replacement surgery but has avoided it for years. After being on this product for just 48 hrs (with other herbs in his program), the swelling had decreased measurably. His wife was measuring am and pm just to see if it made a difference! It did/does! He is more active than he's been in a long time. He's able to do yard work that requires squatting and clean the pool, etc. He's even been teaching his son some moves from his football days that he's not attempted in years. The side benefit has been the weight loss.

If you read about the amino acids that are in Collagen you will discover they are great for healing connective tissue disorders. It seems in synergy with the other contents this isn't just a weight loss product! However, without muscle testing, I would not have used it so extensively with people for other reasons.
Mary Jefferson


Collagen and rheumatoid arthritis

A recent study, by a Harvard Medical School Team, has discovered that if taken orally, collagen is an effective and nontoxic way to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. There are no adverse effects from taking collagen.
Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera juice has powerful healing properties when taken internally. Drinking it has a detoxifying effect on the entire body.
Aloe vera juice
is also considered helpful in treating several kinds of gastro-intestinal irritation.

Collagen and Osteoporosis

More than one author indicates osteoporosis involves the lack of several minerals as well as the collagen/protein matrix of bone.

Collagen and thin skin

Apply vitamin E topically to injuries that have weakened skin area. Vitamin C/Bioflavonoids help to rebuild collagen; massage in Herbal Trim Skin Treatment.
Also HSN-W, Skeletal Strength.

Collagen to rebuild bone density

Bone/Skin poultice formula is great for this. Add the minerals either from Herbal CA or Super Algae and strengthen with Collagen.
Kimberly Balas 

For effective weight-loss results

Bovine collagen is used as a weight management tool because it supplements the body’s collagen production with high concentrations of protein and amino acids. Collagen helps the body maintain a favorable ratio between
the fat-storing hormone insulin and the fat-burning hormone glucagon. In order to use the Collagen program you should not eat for at least three hours before taking it. Prepare 1 tbsp. of Collagen with an 8 oz. glass of good quality water. This should be consumed as the last thing you do before going to bed. This routine takes advantage of an important body function that initiates a rebuild-and-repair process at the very beginning of your sleep cycle. Collagen not only provides high-quality nutrients to use in rebuilding healthy muscle and other tissues but, as a good side effect, many Collagen users report improved and more restful sleep.

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