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Product ID 1248
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Bone Skin Poultice

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This product provides the same benefits as comfrey leaf. Comfrey leaf has an extensive history as a healing agent for the skin and the bones. Bone/Skin Poultice is made with mullein leaf, plaintain herb, yarrow flower and rehmannia root. Each of these ingredients combine to offer the same benefits as comfrey leaf and are a viable alternative.

  • Yarrow flower is an anti-inflammatory agent commonly used in herbal medicine.
  • Mullein leaf has many uses and can be used as a poultice for healing the skin.
  • Plantain herb is often used topically and may sometimes be used to quell bleeding and heal wounds.
  • Rehmannia root strengthens injured bones and has many other properties including as an overall healing tonic.
Natures Sunshine Bone/Skin poutice can be mixed with golden salve to create a poultice to soothe the skin.
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