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By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

A condition of decreased bone mass and density accompanied by increase in bone spaces creating bone fragility and increased risk of fracture.

This is caused by a lifetime of poor dietary choices, particularly consumption of acid forming foods. Soda pop, excessive consumption of meat and grains without fruits and vegetables, and sugar consumption all contribute to an overacid condition in the body.

This causes the body to withdraw calcium from the bones to maintain pH balance.

The following may be helpful in preventing and even reversing osteoporosis.

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Therapies: Bone Broth

Herbs: Alfalfa, Black Cohosh and Horsetail

Herbal Formulas: C-X, HSN-W and KB-C

Herbal Extracts: Phyto-Soy

Nutrients: Vitamin D3

Nutraceuticals: Krill Oil and PDA Combination

Nutritional Supplements: Skeletal Strength

Topicals: Resolve Yam Emollient

Homeopathic Support
Suggestions from Four Winds Nutrition

Osteotone, Osteopar

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