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Colemas are a safe and effective way to clean the bowel. Many health problems, especially chronic, will improve much faster with colemas.

Books on Colemas: "Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management" by Dr. Bernard Jensen; "Remove the Thorn and God will Heal" by Bud Curtis.

Take colemas with 5 gallons of purified water preferably.
Daily x 7 days then off 5 days then repeat.

Herbs to add to Colema
1. Bentonite (1 cup) - absorbs toxins
2. Pau D'arco - (1 qt.) - candida
3. Bifidophilus (8 caps) - aids friendly bacteria, 1/2 tsp ASCORBATES C, 1 Tbsp Min.
4. Black Walnut (4 ATC caps) - kills parasites
5. Garlic (6 caps) - natural antibiotic, candida, parasites
6. Tea Tree Oil (10 drops) - candida
7. Grapefruit (15 drops) - parasites, viral & candida
8. SC FORMULA (8 caps) for inflammation, tumor or cancer with 8 oz. water. Hold as retention enema
9. Colostrum (8 caps) - for bacteria, immune, chronic fatigue, Crohn's, Lupus, cancer.

*Cancer Tumor Herb for Implants
Mix herb with 8 oz. pure water.
Hold for 10 min.
1. Colostrum.
2. Tea Tree Oil, Black Walnut.
3. Coffee - 3x a week.
5. Bifidophilus; add 1/2 tsp Ascorbates Vit. C, 1 Tbsp Ionic Minerals.



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