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Female concerns
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Black Cohosh (100 caps) (ko)
It is used in arthritis, sedative, pain, and female tonic formula; it is particularly effective for menopausal depression. It is a sedative central nervous system tonic. Used for congestive headaches from colds as well as rheumatic or menstrual pain.
List Price: $28.15
Price: $18.75
Flash Ease T/R (60 tabs) (ko)
Black Cohosh Concentrate for Menopausal Discomforts
List Price: $27.80
Price: $18.50
FCS II w/Lobelia (100 caps) (ko)
Female Corrective for excess uterine bleeding. The herbs in this "water reducing" formula shrink the uterus and restrict peripheral blood flow to reduce bleeding, fibroid cysts, sore breasts and water retention. A variety of "female problems" are relieved including birth control side effects and hot flashes.
List Price: $27.00
Price: $17.95
Female Comfort (100 caps) (ko)
From NSP - Nature's Sunshine - For congestive dysmenorrhea associated with PMS and water retention. By relaxing smooth muscle tension, pain and cramping following the onset of menses are reduced. Relief of nervous anxiety, morning sickness and hot flashes.
List Price: $23.70
Price: $15.75
Menstrual pain and cramps, pain immediately prior to menses, sore breasts associated with menstruation
List Price: $15.00
Price: $14.75
ESTROGEN Phenolic - 1 oz.
Beneficial in regulation of hormonal irregularities associated with emotional and physical swings in women.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $14.75
Fibroid Combination
A combination of three products: All Cell Detox, Yarrow and V-X
List Price: $72.75
Price: $50.00
USAGE: Detoxification of female ovaries, tubes, uterus, and cervix from infections.
List Price: $15.00
Price: $14.75
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