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Manufacturer Energique

Digesticom 2oz.

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Our DIGESTICOM blend features a blend of Ayurvedic and complementary herbs to support and fortify the digestive system.

Energique Liquefied Herbals are derived from the highest quality botanicals available from ethical, reliable sources throughout the world. The process used at our facility for botanical processing yields a superior product. Our herbals are prepared using the Spagyric extraction process: a slow, complex, multiphase extraction process that renders a more complete extraction of the essence of the herbs than other processes.

This process results in a total liquefication of the herbs. The secrets of this sixteenth century processing method were nearly lost. By using this time-honored, slow and labor-intensive method, we are uniquely able to extract not only the tannins and essential oils, but also an abundance of mineral salts locked in the fibers of the botanicals.


Angelica (root), Boldo (leaf), Catnip (aerial parts), Fennel (seed), Ginger (root), Papaya (leaf), Peppermint (leaf), Sage (leaf), Triphala [Ayurvedic herbal formula: Amla, Belleric Myrobalan, Chebulic Myrobalan] (fruit), Myrrh (resin).
Ingredients - Additional: Purified water, 25% ethanol. Organic and wildcrafted herbs used when possible.


10 to 30 drops in water or juice 3 times daily or as otherwise directed. Shake well before use.
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