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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

MSM (90 tabs)

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Organic Sulfur for Healthy Connective Tissue.
MSM is an organic form of sulfur that should be part of our daily nutrition.
It is found in fresh animal and vegetable foods but it is easily destroyed by food processing and cooking.
Most people do not get enough of this vital substance. It is NOT related to sulfa drugs or sulfite preservatives. It is a natural metabolite product of DMSO.
We require a minimum concentration of MSM to maintain normal structure and function.
It is used in tissue maintenance and repair to build proteins and strengthen both cell membranes and the connective tissue that hold them together.
This especially includes joints, blood vessels, hair, skin and nails.
Sulfur is needed for cell membrane permeability; it is part of insulin.
Dietary MSM also increases circulation, reduces inflammation and helps the body resist toxins, allergens and parasites.

MSM is used to reduce asthma reactions, improve wound healing and improve the replacement rate of epithelial cells such as the stomach lining.
It is also beneficial for immune problems, arthritis, skin blemishes and some mental functions. It can break up scar tissue and reduce calcium deposits. Its anti-inflamniatory effects help with allergies, asthma, rheumatoid- and osteoarthritis, lupus, TMJ, etc.
Studies have shown that sulfur-bearing nutrients strongly inhibit carcinogens from forming in the body.
Consider adding HSN-W for brittle nails or hair.
NSP recommends 3 to 4 tablets/day at 750 mg each.
If there is a deficiency, up to 20 g/day may be used for the first week or so.
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