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Product ID 3932
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Nebulizing Diffuser - Nebulizer

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Price: $99.95
The original Nebulizing Aroma Diffuser, tranquility model.

Immediately creates an uplifting, fragrant atmosphere. Ionizes essential oils enhancing their biological effects. Nebulizing Diffuser features silent operation and an output control that easily diffuses over a 300-600 square-foot area.

Our diffuser ionizes undiluted essential oils into an ultra-fine vapor that remains suspended in the air for maximum availability and minimum waste.

In addition, it features a convenient on/off switch, is easy to clean, and is designed with a glass injector so that oils do not come into contact with any metal parts.

Carefully unwrap the glass nebulizer tube and the attached silicon tubing. Protect it from falling or being hit or chipped. Remove the cork. Position the glass tube so that the funnel opening faces upward. Carefully pour up to 5 ml undiluted authentic essential oil into the funnel.

A minimum of 10 drops is necessary for proper diffusion. Insert cork carefully and firmly. Set the glass tube in the clip on the pump so that it is upright. Position it so the diffuser tip faces away from the pump housing.
Insert the free end of the silicon tubing into the pump air outlet. Make sure it is firmly in place, and that the tubing is not bent or crimped. Plug into an electrical outlet.

Avoid dripping oil on the diffuser housing. Overfilling can cause the diffuser tip to drip. If oil should drip accidentally, wipe spills immediately with a clean paper towel. Many essential oils will corrode or melt plastic, adhesives and some furniture finishes.

It is solely the responsibility of the consumer to maintain the original appearance of their aroma diffuser.
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