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Product ID 3114
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Brain Protex w/Huperzine A (60 caps) or BrainProtex

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Save your brain for later
Provides a blend of phosphatidyl serine, choline, ethanolanine and inositol-substances.

In animal studies and human clinical trials these have significantly improved acetylcholine release, memory and age-related brain changes including depression in the elderly.
Lycopene and alphalipoic acid are powerful antioxidants that can pass the blood-brain barrier to protect brain cells from destructive free radicals.
Rhododendron caucasicum is also a potent free radical quencher. It has been used for decades by longevity enthusiasts. Ginkgo improves the integrity of blood vessels. Its benefits are experienced most in improved peripheral circulation including the head area. It can sometimes delay or reverse mental deterioration such as during the onset of senile dementia.
This is a potent formula.
If you experience uncomfortable results, stop for a while and then try again at a lower amount, possibly adding CoQ IO.

Ginkgo biloba leaves, soy bean lecithin complex (phosphatidyl-serine, choline, ethanolamine and inositol), lycopene, alpha-lipoic acid, Rhododendron caucasicam root extract.


Excellent Product!>
by Michael Xiong

I cannot stress enough how effectively this product works. As a college student pursuing a triple major, along with a pre-med track, I have very little time to sleep, and thus I used to feel constantly tired. However, a few months ago, I tried using Brain Protex, and I can say with full confidence that the product truly works. My grades in the past few months have skyrocketed, and I have noticed that I feel much less tired, and can now focus much better. I will continue to take this product in the future, and definitely recommend it to everyone!

Memory loss
by C Collins

My mother suffered from really bad memory loss as she was getting older. We were concerned that she might possibly have something very serious with her. We went to countless doctors and tried everything they could think of to help her memory, but nothing was working. After much stress, and many failed attempts, I decided to try something a little more natural. Nature Sunshine's Brain Protex has helped my mother tremendously. Granted, she's not perfect, but she definitely can think more clearly and remember a lot more things. This product is wonderful, and it really helps!

focus, focus, focus
by Mandy

As a mother of 2 and a full time student and working full time, I found this my favorite product! I was able to focus and was able to stay alert during classes. This was a very hard thing to do when you only get a couple hours of sleep each night, but this product helped me so much. I wouldn't have a 3.8 without it!

Keep Thinking
by cynthia

My parents have used Brain Protex for the past 10 years. They are clearer and more alert than almost anyone I meet of that age. I give Brain Protex the credit.

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