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Product ID 3112
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Men's Formula w/Lycopene (60 caps) or mens formula

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Men's Formula w/Lycopene
(60) [3112]
Prostate help for middle-aged and older men.

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is enlargement of the prostate gland. BPH affects most men as they become older.
It creates urinary problems including weak flow and frequent urination.
Men's Formula TM combines concentrated extracts of four herbs that have well-researched benefits for the prostate and other glands.
They help to reduce inflammation and swelling, balance hormone levels and improve circulatory and urinary function.
It also adds the mineral zinc which is required for both tissue healing and general prostate function.
Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant (3 times as potent as beta-carotene) and is more concentrated in the prostate than any other carotene.

Suggested use is 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner for two months.
Then take two capsules per day.

For additional help, keep your colon clean, avoid caffeine, reduce meat consumption.

Each capsule contains:
54 mg concentrated pygeum extract (2.5% total sterols), 190 mg concentrated saw palmetto extract (20% essential fatty acids), 115 mg gotu kola, 10 mg concentrated stinging nettle extract (2% plant silica), 35 mg standardized lycopene beadiets, 5 mg zinc.
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PSA numbers down
- 9/15/2016
I've been taking this product for quite some time, and when I first started the lab results had my PSA up around the 8.5 area. After just a few months it went down 3 points. After my last lab work the doctor was amazed because the number was less than 0.5read more

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