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Alfalfa (100 caps) (ko)

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Alfalfa (100) [30]
"Father of all foods" Medicago sativa
Alfalfa is a nutritive grass that is used in arthritis and mineral supplernent formulas, it helps regulate estrogen and other hormone levels, and enriches breast milk.
Alfalfa is a diuretic and aids digestion (contains digestive enzyme) and intestinal cleansing. It is an excellent source of the powerful cleansing and deodorizing agent chlorophyll.
Alfalfa seems to stimulate the body to remove toxins from the blood while reducing cholesterol and balancing blood sugar levels.
Alfalfa grows a very deep tap root (as much as 60 feet!) and thus has access to mineral nutrients that may not be found in the topsoil. It contains eight digestive enzymes for improved assimilation and is an important alkalizing food.

More details about this extraordinary herb.
Because of its deep roots, it survive hard winters and springs back to life as one of the most nutritious plants known to man. One reason that alfalfa has not been used by man as a food is its high fiber content. We lack the enzyme cellulase, which can break down the plastic-like cell walls and release the nutrients. Grazing animals have this enzyme, which allows the cellulose to be burned as fuel by the animal.

What's in it?
Alfalfa is one of the most studied plants, and borders on being one of the most complete foods if the cellulose-barrier can be overcome. The drying and grinding of the herb for commercial preparations helps to solve this problem. Measured weight-for-weight, the fresh plant has four times the amount contained in citrus juice! And that's just the beginning.
It is rich in vitamin K, which helps allay morning sickness in some women, and helps prevent hemorrhaging. The leaves contain lots of beta-carotene for a healthy immune system, skin, and internal mucous membranes. As for vitamin E, it is considered one of the most reliable sources for animals.
Other vitamins include D, niacin, B6 and other B vitamins. There is also a "vitamin U" factor, so-called because it prevents ulcers in test animals.

As for minerals, alfalfa is a powerhouse.
Its roots go further down to get minerals unavailable to other plants (plants which over the years may have depleted the surface layers of nutrients). Calcium is so high in this plant that it almost goes off the charts. While whole wheat flour is .30, alfalfa is 1.30 for organic iron. It is also important as a source for magnesium, sodium phosphorus and potassium. Alfalfa contains many important enzymes which help your digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
It has 8 essential amino acids from which the body can build needed protein on demand. Obviously, much more could and should be said, but because of the tonic effect of alfalfa on all the glands, its steroid-type compounds that assist the body’s energy and stress-adapting mechanisms, helping people resolve a host of afflictions.

Remember that in most cases, alfalfa must be eaten often and in goodly amounts. How much is that? Perhaps 6-20 tablets/capsules a day (it depends on your circumstances), 1/4 cup of liquid chlorophyll a day, or a tea hot or cold, several times a day. But don't complain-the cows have to chew it twice and in large amounts so you can drink the results.
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