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Product ID 1886
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

HY-C (100 caps) or hyc

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[1886] [Nourish Yin]
Bu Yin HYpo(HYper)glycemia

Versatile glandular balancing and cooling HY-C helps to balance glandular systems, particularly the pancreas and liver.
This produces its blood sugar-regulating properties (especially for hypoglycemia but also diabetes) and its hormonal-regulating properties (for menopause, night sweats, insomnia, nervous exhaustion).

It strengthen kidneys.

Tissue dryness is associated with flushing, hot flashes, inflammations, dry skin, dry eyes, mouth, cough, stools.

If the body has been too active (such as a long illness with fever), it may need to be "cooled down" or "rehydrated" with HY-C.

Dendrobium, eucommia, rehmannia, ophiopogon, trichosanthes, pueraria, anemarrhena achyranthes, hoelen, asparagus, mountain root, alisma, phellodendron, cornus, licorice, schizandra.
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