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Product ID 1797
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Niacin (90 tabs) (ko)

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[1797](250 mg.) - (90 caps)

Niacin (vitamin B3, nicotinic acid, also niacinamide) is required for a broad range of body functions, especially the release of energy from foods, hormone control systems, tissue repair and the nervous system.

The body can build its own niacin if it gets enough Bl, B2, and B6, but it must be replaced daily. A lack of niacin may lead to mental problems or personality changes. Nicotinic acid supplements of 1000-2000 mg per day have been used to reduce blood cholesterol levels and protect against recurrent heart attacks. This is an unnaturally high level, however, and should not be used without medical monitoring of liver function. Niacinamide is a related chemical but is not effective for circulatory problems or elevated cholesterol.

Although NSP does not still make the claim, this niacin product is "buffered, time-release" and does not cause the uncomfortable violent flush that straight nicotinic acid supplements can cause.

Contains 250 mg niacin in a base of hops and feverfew
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