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Product ID 1587
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Colostrum w/Immune Factors (60 caps)

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Contains: Colostrum

Contains 25% IGG.
Simulates cytokines, which help fight infections.
It also helps protect against certain bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. May boost muscular growth (beneficial to athletes and those who suffer wasting conditions). Also supports liver function and protect the liver against toxic damage.

Studies show that this carbohydrate may help repair damaged DNA and that it can help prevent and control abnormal cellular growth.
It also offers several circulatory benefits, including improved blood viscosity and blood lipid levels.

Maitake & Shlitake Mushrooms:
These mushrooms activate a variety of immune system defenders, including killer cells, macrophages, T-cells and more.

This popular Chinese tonic herb does more than boost stamina. It fights bacteria, enhances the production of immunoglobulin and helps attack tumors. It also stimulates the body's natural production of interferon and offers a host of circulatory benefits.
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