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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

IN-X (100 caps) (ko) or inx

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INfection fighter from Dr. John Christopher.

To soothe and clear infections and inflammation.
Often used with swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, earaches, and stomach flu.

Caution if anemia, hypoglycemia or post-partum weakness.

If hypoglycemia:
Use LYMPH GLAND CLEANSE (HIGS II) instead as it contains myrrh instead of goldenseal (which can lower blood sugar levels).

Goldenseal, black walnut, parthenium, marshmallow, plantain, hugleweed.

Steven Horne's comments...
Fight Low Grade Infections with IN-X. IN-X contains the alkaloidal bitter goldenseal and the fragrant bitter black walnut along with echinacea and parthenium, two immune-enhancing herbs.
Designed by the famous herbalist, Dr. John Christopher, IN-X is an excellent blend for infection in the lymph glands. The herbs in IN-X enhance the immune system, decongest the lymphatic system, reduce swollen lymph glands and promote the elimination of toxins.

IN-X can help the body fight lingering colds, contagious diseases, sore throats, prostate inflammation, kidney infections, bronchitis, fevers and bacterial infections.

Take 3 capsules with each meal. Drink plenty of water when taking this formula.
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