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Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

I-X (100 caps) (ko) or ix

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Iron from organic sources.
Red beet and yellow dock were selected for their high content of easily used organic iron.

Iron is needed for red blood cells and glandular balance.
The combination is also very high in phosphorus manganese (which works with iron to get oxygen to the cells of the body.) These herbs also contain bitter compounds that help the body assimilate iron, shrink inflammation and cleanse the liver.

Anemia and liver weakness benefit from these nutrients.
Many have also reported improvements with skin conditions, allergies and even arthritis.

Chronic inflammation and lymphatic infection is often reduced while soothing the affected tissues.

Red beet, yellow dock, red raspberry, chickweed, burdock, nettle, mullein.

Comments from Stephen Horne
Iron is sometimes called the second-most important mineral in the body (calcium is first). However, that doesn't mean it's the second most prevalent, only the second most important. We actually only need a sixth of an ounce in the whole body! We lose just a tiny bit of iron each day which shouldn't be hard to replace if we eat a healthy diet.

Iron deficiency is a common problem in America. "Tired blood" is a common item for anemia, which is often caused by a shortage of iron. This in turn cuts the body's production of red blood cells. These cells are used to pick up oxygen in the lungs and transport it to every cell, where it is then used for burning glucose in order to obtain energy. So if you feel tired, it's time to look at your gums-if they are rosy-red, perhaps your iron is sufficient. But if they're light pink or white, you may be low in red blood cells.

Other symptoms of an iron shortage include falling hair, chronic fatigue, heart problems, dark circles under the eyes, slow healing, depression and an inability to concentrate or remember things. You also might notice a difficulty in breathing at higher altitudes. Many of the symptoms of old age are also connected with low iron levels.

Years ago, when the government ruled that iron must be added back to processed foods, many manufacturers added iron powder. This was later found to pass right through the body without assimilation. Besides that, it was constipating! As science discovered ways to "chelate" or provide "handles" so the body could grab the iron out of the digestive system, commercial products appeared advertising this advantage. But Mother Nature's plants already knew how to change their iron compounds naturally for best absorption. They also contain certain organic controls blocking too much iron from being absorbed. Naturally, foods and herbs turn out to be the best sources of iron.

Foods high in iron include: beans, peas, dark-green vegetables, eggs and molasses. Herbal products like I-X are also efficiently used by the body. In fact, many people have taken iron supplements and received little or no benefit. By switching to plant sources of iron like those found in I-X. their blood noticeably improves.

Good digestion is vital to the assimilation of iron. Without enough HCL (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach, iron cannot be absorbed. Since we tend to produce less HCL as we get older, supplementation with PDA or Food Enzymes may be necessary.

Iron is the master mineral which helps to harmonize the force of life in the body. It gives your blood its red color as it travels along 70.000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries. In order to build nine hundred billion new red cells every day, you wouldn't want to be caught short. Getting the right amount might even "iron" out some problems that nothing else has solved.

When we need certain minerals, various herbs have been found to provide them in easily assimilated forms. Putting several of these herbs together for such purposes must be done carefully so that their actions are harmonious and effective. I-X is an herbal formula designed to increase the organic or usable iron in the body. Red Beet and Yellow Dock are the principal herbs used in this recipe. Both contain bitter compounds that increase the ability of the body to assimilate iron. They also contain other compounds that help to shrink inflamed tissue and help to cleanse the liver. Chickweed helps to absorb bowel toxins and soothe the digestive system, which should help increase your ability to absorb minerals. Strawberry Leaf also supports these functions. Burdock root is a bitter herb aiding the major blood-building organ, the liver. As with most roots, it is loaded with minerals like chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and zinc. It is so cleansing that the results relate to the relief of various skin, bronchial, arthritic and allergic conditions. Mullein and nettle give additionally blood-building support.

Altogether. these herbs provide a combination very high in iron, manganese and phosphorus. Manganese works with iron in helping get oxygen to all the cells of the body. The formula contains smaller amounts of calcium, magnesium, silicon and zinc as well as the vitamins A. C. thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Nothing works alone in the body. Maybe that's why people usually respond more rapidly to the use of an herbal formula like this one than they do when taking straight iron tablets, even though there is less iron in this formula than in an iron tablet.
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