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Product ID 100
Manufacturer Nature's Sunshine

Blessed Thistle (100 caps) (ko)

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For hormone balance, mother's milk and general tonic
[Cnicus benedictus}

Blessed thistle is a bitter stimulant that has been used as a female tonic to balance hormones (regulate painful menstruation), increase and enrich mother's milk. As a strengthening tonic, it has been used for liver, brain, heart and stomach weaknesses.

The bitter components trigger a reflex condition that stimulates glands into action, particularly the liver and female reproductive organs. Blessed thistle is also a tonic that has been recommended for chronic poor digestion, anorexia and minor intestinal inflammation with gas. It would be very helpful for young men and women during puberty to regulate hormone imbalances which cause acne, etc.

Caution * Do not use during pregnancy.
* Use with caution if liver disease or while using medications that are catabolized in the liver.
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