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How To Handle Homeopathic Products

1. Drops should be placed directly under the tongue (sublingually) for maximum benefit. If this is a problem, they may be placed in a small amount of water (2 oz.) and then put a small amount of the solution under the tongue before drinking the rest. The doctor will prescribe your dosage.

2. Drops may be taken sequentially allowing approximately 15 to 30 seconds between each product. For best results, do not mix the remedies together.

3. Homeopathics should be taken between meals in most cases (acute cases are an exception). A general rule of thumb is no sooner than 30 minutes before a meal and at least 60 minutes after a meal.

4. Homeopathic products must be kept away from
a. Computers
b. X-rays (including airport security X-ray) (see note below)
c. Any type of magnets
d. Television sets
e. Microwave ovens
f. Strong odors (i.e. garlic, aromatherapies, etc.) - If these are used, the remedy should not be used for at least 1 hour after contact. 5. Light and heat do not affect homeopathics.

Electromagnetic fields will destroy the products.

6. Caffeine-containing products (coffee, colas, teas, etc.) should not be used while on a homeopathic program. These will reduce the effectiveness of the homeopathics by approximately 60%. (If you are a coffee drinker, you may have 1 cup of coffee in the morning, but you must wait 2 hours before starting your products.)

7. If planning to have dental work done while on the program, please stop all products on the day of your dental procedure. Then start again the next day where you left off.

Alcohol-based homeopathics are the most efficient way to take homeopathics. As the remedy is absorbed directly into the bloodstream immediately. The amount of alcohol in 10 drops is very minimal. If you are concerned about taking the alcohol or giving it to a small child or alcohol-sensitive person, simply place the drops on a rice cake, cracker, piece of bread or in a small amount of water and let sit in the open air for 20-30 minutes. The alcohol will evaporate and you will still get the benefit of the homeopathic remedy.

When taking a detoxification type of remedy, some patients may experience detoxification type of symptoms within 3 to 4 days (slight nausea, fatigue or flu-like symptoms). Simply discontinue the product for 1-2 days to give the body time to catch up with its cleansing process. Then resume the product schedule.


Although the homeopathic community states that homeopathic medicines may be adversely affected by x-ray screening, there appears to be no scientific evidence to support or confirm this notion. However, TSA acknowledges that passengers traveling with various types and forms of medications have expressed concern about their medication being x-rayed. Therefore, as a customer service initiative, we have adjusted our screening procedures for all medications, including homeopathic medicines, effective February 17, 2004. Passengers who want the alternate screening procedure in lieu of the usual x-ray screening will need to request it.

TSA recommends that the passenger make the alternate inspection process as smooth as possible by consolidating her/his medication(s) in a separate pouch that can easily be handled by the screener.

Below are the steps of the alternate inspection:

The passenger will give her/his bag of medication(s) and supplies to the screener who will maintain the items until the person goes through the walk-through metal detector (WTMD).
Once the passenger clears the WTMD, she/he will be escorted to a table where the medication(s)/supplies will undergo a visual inspection.
To prevent contamination or damage to fragile medications and supplies, only the passenger will display and handle the medication(s) and associated supplies during the visual inspection. This inspection may include the screener asking the passenger to open containers/supplies as needed to ascertain the contents.
Once the medication(s)/supplies have satisfactorily cleared, the passenger will repack the item(s) and proceed to the sterile area.
Only if the medications and supplies do not clear the visual screening process will x-ray screening be necessary. If the individual refuses x-ray screening of the item(s), the item(s) will not be permitted beyond the security checkpoint.

TSA recommends that passengers refrain from carrying large volumes of medicines (particularly homeopathic). Passengers should carry enough medication to meet their immediate needs, and any backup supplies should they experience delays, etc. To prevent more intense x-ray and tomography screening exposure, we also recommend that large volumes of medicines not be in checked baggage, but be sent by mail or any other alternative way preferred by the passenger.


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