BactestatDetoxifiers (see list above for other homeopathic products)

Energique’s combination homeopathic detoxifiers stimulate the body to eliminate a wide range of toxic substances. The toxic world we live in includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Many peoples’ organs of elimination have become overwhelmed with the constant challenge of eradicating toxins we knowingly or unknowingly are forced to deal with on a daily basis. As pollutants overwhelm the body’s detoxification system, its immune system is negatively impacted, oftentimes leading to chronic or serious illness.

Note from Four Winds Nutrition: When taking any detox homeopathic products listed below, we strongly recommend to also take a good herbal combination to support the liver, such as: Milk Thisle combination or Liver Balance

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Detoxification of commonly used insecticides/pesticides
Detoxification of alcohol intoxification ALCOSTAT
Detoxification of common food allergies ALLERSTAT I
Detoxification of common inhalant allergies ALLERSTAT II
Detoxification of various bacterial infections BACTESTAT
Detoxification of various candida infections CANCORDISTAT
Detoxification of commonly used drugs/chemicals CHEMSTAT
Cytomegalo virus. Fever with muscular aches and pains associated with the flu. CMV STAT
Detoxification of mercury and dental toxins DENTASTAT
Detoxification of epstein barr/mononucleosis infections EBVSTAT
Detoxification of air and water pollutants ENVIROSTAT

In addition to detoxifiers that target specific types of toxins, there are also detoxifiers that target specific organs or body systems. These may be more appropriate when starting the detoxification program of an especially toxic or sick individual. More specifically, if a dysfunctional organ of elimination such as a toxic liver, is called upon to expel even more toxins, it will typically fall short, causing the released toxins to be relodged in another area of the body where they may be more damaging to the body than if they had been left in their original location.

When detoxifying the seriously ill, caution and patience should prevail in an effort to alleviate potential discomfort and reduce the potential for the relodging of toxins. To assist the body in its effort to expel toxins released at the cellular level, each Energique® Homeopathic Detoxifier has its own built-in drainage remedies.

Detoxification of various molds and fungi (aspergili) FUNGUSTAT I
Detoxification of various candida infections FUNGUSTAT II
Detoxification of the elimination centers GENSTAT
Detoxification of female ovary/tubes/uterus/cervix from infections GYNESTAT
Detoxification of herpes simplex I & 2 and herpes zoster infection HZSTAT
Detoxification of various bacterial and viral infections INFECTISTAT
Detoxification of fatty tissues (chem./insect./env. pollutants) LIPOSTAT
Detoxification of common infective agents of lyme disease LYMESTAT
Detoxification of heavy metals METALSTAT
Detoxification of various parasites PARASTAT
Detoxification of the central nervous system PITUISTAT
Systemic blood purifier/lymph cleaner SYSTEMISTAT
Detoxification of radiation (radon)/neutralizes geopathic stress TERRESTRISTAT
Detoxification of the thyroid gland/hyperthyroidism THYROSTAT
Detoxification of tobacco intoxification TOBACCOSTAT
Detoxification of commonly used vaccinations VACCISTAT
Detoxification of multiple viruses VIRUSTAT