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Energique Liquefied Herbal Combinations
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Full-Spectrum Spagyric Plant Extracts

Traditional Herbal Wisdom Transformed with Modern Science Techniques


Energique® Liquefied Herbals are derived from the highest quality botanicals available from ethical, reliable sources throughout the world. The process used at our facility in Woodbine, lowa for botanical processing yields a superior product. Our herbals are prepared using the Spagyric extraction process: a slow, complex, multiphase extraction process that renders a more complete extraction of the essence of the herbs than any other process. The result is a tincture with significantly enhanced bioactivity and bioavailability, blending ancient herbal wisdom with the insights of modern science.

Many of the most important active constituents of plants, such as polyphenols and sesquiterpene lactones, are poorly soluble in water and show remarkably poor bioavailability. In some cases, they may not be absorbed effectively by the body.

While traditional herbal tinctures use alcohol to extract these lipid-soluble components, they do nothing to enhance their bioavailability. In the spagyric process, the tincture is repeatedly evaporated and recondensed in a closed vessel, a technique originally developed by the alchemists called recirculation. The process of recirculating the tincture, subjecting it to repeated evaporation and recondensation, was meant to simulate in a glass vessel the natural process of precipitation, by which they believed the plant's healing power could be brought to perfection. As if to confirm the inherent wisdom of this archaic concept, it has since been discovered that the process of recirculating the tincture produces small cavitations in the water, allowing it to form nano-emulsions with the plant's lipid-soluble components. These nanoparticles essentially act as carriers which can then deliver the plant's active constituents into the body and directly across cell membranes, resulting in dramatically enhanced bioavailability.

The use of a closed vessel also protects the tincture from exposure to oxygen, reducing oxidation and allowing the tincture to retain more of its natural color. The temperature of the liquid extract is closely monitored throughout the entire process to ensure that the plant's organic active constituents remain undamaged.

For ease of use, Energique® Liquefied Herbals have been formulated using different concentration levels to yield a common suggested usage level of 10-30 drops.
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Energique Liquefied Herbal Combinations

Adrenacom 2oz.
: Fortifier for the adrenal glands

Allercom 2oz.: Fortifier for the respiratory system

Artemisiacom 2oz.: Fortifier for the intestines and colon

Bilberrycom 2oz: Fortifier for the eyes

Circulacom 2oz: Fortifier for the circulatory system

Cratagocom: Fortifier for the heart and cardiovascular system

Dandecom 2oz.: Fortifier for the liver One oz. or two oz.

Gencom: 2oz. Fortifier for the blood, lymph, liver, and bowel.

Gingercom 2oz.: Fortifier for the pancreas, liver and adrenals

Gotacom 2oz.: Fortifier for the brain and endocrine system ( the major endocrine glands are the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands.)

Hydrangeacom 2oz.: Fortifier for the biliary tract and gallbladder.

Junicom 2oz.: Fortifier for the prostate

Kelpcom (1oz. or 2oz.): Fortifier for the thyroid

Lapachocom: Fortifier for the immune sytem

Licrocom 2oz.: a fortifier for the adrenal glands.

Myrrhcom: Fortifier for the sinuses - One oz. or two oz.

Nettlecom: Fortifier for the blood

Osteocom: skeletal system - One oz. or two oz.

Paracom (renamed: Vermicom) 2oz.: Fortifier for the intestines and colon (parasites)

Propolicom 2oz.: Fortifier for the immune system (indicated for swollen glands, fevers, bacterial and viral infections. )

Pyloricom 2oz.: Fortifier for the stomach and intestines

Regencom 2oz.: Fortifier for the immune system

Scrophularicom 2oz.: Fortifier for the lymph, spleen and liver

Solidagocom: Fortifier for the kidneys

Trifolocom 2oz.: Fortifier for the lymphatic system and spleen

Valericom 2oz. To bring calm and balance to the nervous system. (Insomnia)

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