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Menopause & Premenstrual Syndrome
Homeopathic Support

Menopause is a natural process, not an illness. It is the time of life when a woman stops ovulating and menses stop. At this time, the ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Other glands should take over and produce hormones.
Menopause usually begins around fifty and lasts for approximately five years, however, this may vary. A woman who has had a hysterectomy and has had both ovaries removed usually goes through menopause immethately and it can be quite severe, especially if the other glands are unable to produce hormones.

Symptoms of menopause are: hot flashes, sweats, anxiety, headaches. moodiness, vaginal dryness, dry skin and hair, insomnia, to name a few, all of which may be caused by lack of estrogen and progesterone. If the deficiencies are not address, the individual may develop cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis.

Many of the symptoms of menopause can be relieved with proper nutrition and exercise.


  Glandular homeopathic for adrenal support.
Indicated for reliefof nervous exhaustion, fatigue and forgetfuthess.
  Beneficial in regulation of hormonal irregularities associated with emotional and physical swings in women.
  Detoxifier of female ovaries, tubes, uterus, cervix from infections. Indicated for relief of menstrual pain and vaginal irritation.




  Glandular homeopathic for hypothalmus, pituitary, and pineal support.
Indicated for relief of weakness, exhaustion and vertigo, and difficult mental concentration.
  Tonifier for persons with menopause.
Indicated for relief of flushes of heat with attacks of perspiration, headaches. Also for moodiness with symptoms everchanging.
  High potency formula for severe menopausal symptoms.
Indicated for relief of symptoms due to autonomic dysregulation, dryness and irritation of the vagina.


  Glandular homeopathic for ovarian support.
Indicated for relief of painful menses and menstrual cramps.
  Detoxifier of the central nervous system.
Indicated for relief of mental sluggishness, confusion, weakness, lethargy, thirst, and frequent urination.



  Glandular homeopathic for thyroid support. Indicated for relief of exhaustion and heaviness of the body, lowered metabolism, cough, dry, croupy, difficulty swallowing and swollen throat.

Premenstrual Syndrome
A syndrome that occurs several days prior to the onset of menstruation characterized by irritability, emotional tension, anxiety, moodiness, depression, cravings, skin eruptions, headaches, breast tendemess, or water retention. Symptoms subside close to the onset. The cause may be the fluctuation in the hormones during the menstrual cycle.


  High potency formula for those suffering from anxiety and stress.
Indicated for relief of symptoms of anxiety and nervousness.
  Glandular homeopathic female hormonal balancer. Indicated for relief of menstrual pain and cramps, pain immediately prior to menses, sore breasts associated with menstruation.


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