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Hi Christian,

You answered my question regarding c-herb and paw paw being taken together and I shared my cancer story with you during our conversation.  You asked me to share that story with others in the form of a testimonial.  Please use this information in a way you feel will best serve the community. 

In 2006 they found a Carcinoid tumor in my right lung and ended up removing the upper lobe of my lung.  Seven years later I started experiencing the same symptoms that lead to the discovery of the cancer in my right lung.  A Nuclear medicine test called an Octreotide revealed that apparently my cancer had returned in both lungs.  The report stated that there were multiple nodular opacifications throughout both lungs, suggesting recurrence of carcinoid tumors.  The largest of the masses was in my left lung, measuring 1.9 x 3.2 cm (the size of a small egg).  My Oncologist scheduled a CT - guided biopsy of the largest tumor.  There were at least six nodules on the left lung and 10 on the right and the thorax showed too numerous to count ground glass/nodular opacifications.
I contacted the Nutritional doctor that worked with me the first time I had cancer and he put me on a product call C - Herb.  I started taking the C - Herb as soon as it arrived on April 6, 2013 and about three weeks later when they tried to locate the tumor via a CT Scan, there was nothing left to biopsy.  The report for the CT scan showed no evidence of abnormal nodularity in either lung, only vague nodular shadows.  Six months later they followed up with another Octreotide scan and it came back normal.
I feel so blessed to have C-Herb in my life and am convinced that had I know about it before my surgery in 2006 I would still have both lungs.

Christian, thank you again for visiting with me and all your help.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.

Alta Fetterman

Dear Christian

A year ago I turned away from chemotherapy as the recommended treatment from recurring breast cancer  after surgery and radiotherapy.
The cancer had spread all over my left breast and my oncologist informed me that it was inoperable. She didn’t say the spread may have been the result of mal-administration of repeated dose of radiotherapy to the same breast. But later on it was drawn to my attention that may have been the case. Since I wouldn’t follow the recommended protocol, I was simply left to fend for myself.

It occurred to me that encouraging the cancer to leave my body topically would be safer than killing it by injecting chemicals through my veins.
I had other medical issues at the time, and my immune system was operating below pare, so it was a real threat to me that these chemicals would also kill me in the process. A few months later, March, the cancer erupted. I went back to my oncologist, but again she turned me away after refusing chemo one more time.  

I am a deeply spiritual and information usually comes to me exactly at the time I most need.   I tried MMS, and Clay. But both were slow processes and it was difficult to measure success. At that time I began to panic a little, unsure what to do next.

I returned to the Internet, and in my search read about C Herb and excited about what I had read, I got on to it immediately.
The lesson at this time was the size of a small lime, and oozing and  more than I felt I could handle alone.
That’s when I called you up on the phone from London where I live. And you dear Christian, were an absolute Godsend, with your gentle support and encouragement, and guidance. Five days into the treatment, just as you said it would, the cancer popped out, the size and color of a small mushroom. I still have it if my freezer as a reminder.
Of course it left  a deep crater on my chest, but that’s now closed up using a mixture of C Herb and the Cream. I still use this on my breast daily to diminish the other lumps that had spread over the entire breast. Every day I notice they are slowly disappearing.
I thank you for such a wonderful product which I am recommending to my friend with skin cancer.
And for being there for me during my most desperate moments.

Yours gratefully


I want to write to thank you for your excellent prices and amazing customer service.  I was desperately in need of Female Comfort and found it on your site for a great price and received it within two days of ordering.  I will definitely be back!  Thanks for saving me.
Tanya Hunnewell

I have been with Christian for the past 5 months with weekly treatments to help with my energy level, pains in the right breast. After each session, I can see an immediate improvement in both the level of energy and the pain. Sometimes the pain is completely gone for several days.
Another wonderful "side effect" of Christian's session is that I can sleep so much better afterwards as it calms me down completely

Sylvie Gruseck

I have come seeking Christian’s treatment and wisdom many a times. Not only I have used his treatments but also my kids. As they were smaller and got sick, Christian would be instrumental in getting them out of a crisis – be it an infection, high fever, stomach, you name it.

I also have visited Christian innumerous instances. One occasion in particular I was about to take my license  board exam and I was becoming anxious, and the symptoms of anxiety were increasing, I left Christian’s office feeling a lot better than when I had arrived. In his wisdom, Christian balances our energies and checks the different parts of our body. It is a great treatment also to help detox the body. I highly recommend for everyone.

Flavia Lima Cipollaro

I have been a client of Four Winds Nutrition for 11 years, starting on a New Years Eve night having just being diagnosed with Stage Four breast cancer.  With Beatrice and Christian's guidance, nutritional help and daily bio-energetic treatments for four months, the breast tumor was reduced by 60% and started the beginning of a remission stage until I was fully healed.  I remain cancer free to this day without having chemotherapy or surgery. 

I have continued to seek out both Beatrice and Christian's help in keeping healthy. I have been treated by Christian with his bio-energy wand many times and have seen marked improvement with whatever health concern I was dealing with at the time, whether it be a cold etc..  Particularly an instance where I was dealing with gallstones and an inflamed liver.  Until I was able to completely clear the stones away and the inflammation, I suffered with severe gastric problems on an ongoing basis.  Christian's treatment always alleviated it for me immediately and I truly believe was a strong factor in changing the energetic imbalance in my body that was causing the problem in the first place.  I would recommend bio-energetic treatments for any health imbalance you are dealing with.
Susan Z Rich
Holistic Therapist, Counselor  

First Name: MARY
Last Name: SCHULTZ
City: Winter Park

HealthProblem: Hip and shoulder pain

For some time I had suffered great pain in my left shoulder and left hip socket.
It would wake me up ealryly in the morningand last for 3 to 4 hours before it would subside.
Christian gave me a foot bath with his FWNC Unit and lots of unpleasant things came from my body - including a "red".
Christian explained it was maybe caused by to inflammation.

The next a.m. I was up early with no painand could work without stopping.
Energy galore but the most exciting "side effect" was no pain in my hip or shoulders.
It still has not returned after 2 weeks.
By the way, I just turned 68 years of age...


...Also, I am so grateful for you taking the time to spend with me last night. I do feel so much better today -- especially my energy level.  The pain in my knees is reduced. When I prayed this morning, I thanked God for sending a healing angel to me.  Have a wonderful day!


First Name: Sharon
Last Name: Gates
City: Apopka

Health Problems: asthma, night sweats, bronchitis, fevers of UNKNOWN ORIGIN, depression, itching and burning eyes, constant running nose, incontinence, urinary urgency, constant weeping ...

" I became extremely successful as a mortgage originator, left my unhappy marriage and began dating many men, drinking heavily on Friday nights and fighting UTI and URI constantly. I thought I really was happy: going out to cocktails, business dinner parties, dances, luncheons etc. and dancing, working out at a gym 4-5 days per week. I was trying to "live it up" since married at age 18!

Then came various health problems...
I contracted flu, my lymph gland in my neck swelled to a very large size and I could not get well. I visited many medical doctors. I developed asthma, night sweats, bronchitis, fevers of UNKNOWN ORIGIN, depression, itching and burning eyes, constant running nose, incontinence, urinary urgency, constant weeping so overwhelming I had to pull my car off the road many times as I traveled to appointments. The infectious disease doctors, the ear nose and throat doctors, allergists, family practice physicians... all insisted I have the lymph gland in my neck removed for examination. Of course I had to have all blood tests imaginable: MRI scan, CT Scan, Chest X-Ray. I then was told by my family doctor I would be formally discharged from his practice with a certified letter IF I DID NOT HAVE THE OPERATION. After 5 months of ever stronger ANTIBIOTICS, cortisone injections, nasal sprays, eye drops, diuretics, antihistamines, antidepressants... I COMPLIED! On the operating table the doctor told me he was 99% SURE I HAD CANCER. I planned my funeral deciding NOT TO TAKE CHEMO THERAPY or RADIATION. 10 days later the pathologist told me "YOU ARE FINE!" ... it was benign hyperplasia in other words, my lymph glands was probably just congested, simply doing its job.

I had a complete nervous collapse and was hospitalized 5 weeks and 3 days in a ritzy residential center.

Thirty days later, after coming home, I fell down a city storm drain manhole. After a second surgery and many cortisone injections I developed bone spurs in my heel and kept getting sicker!! Friends and family believed I would soon die. I weighed 228 # - my highest ever at 5'6'' tall, my skin had a gray pallor, my eyes and hair were dull. I limped badly and could barely walk and was very depressed, stacking synthetic and many other drugs.

All my savings were spent as I had not worked for three years. I had to file bankruptcy to save my house. My car was repossessed, I could not sleep at night and spent all my day drowsy. I was lucky to still have enough mortgage business to provide for food, gas as well as car insurance!
It is at that point that I had an intuition to stop all RX (medicinal drugs). Nobody suggested I do so, except maybe God. I met Beatrice through my hairdresser. She began building my entire glandular system, respiratory system, urinary, lymphatic, white blood cells, liver thymus. I also undertook a "general cleansing" program to get rid of yeast, parasites, virus, flora etc. Now I enjoy what life offers, my family, my work, old and new friends and I look forward to helping others the way I was helped. I lost 18 pounds so far. My new challenge is to lose another 80 pounds then I will be free at last!"

 First Name: Patrick
  Last Name: Gray
  City: Orlando

Health Problem: Overweight, not sleeping well.
Too much sugar in diet.
I think Beatrice and Christian have truly helped me to a better life.
My eating habits as a Type "A" blood type were horrendous. Speaking with Beatrice at length during each appointment, I was able to ask questions and listen to her answers and diagnosis.
Every week I feel BETTER!! I have lost 20 lbs, and sleep through the night. My body is responding so well to the organic food (vege's and meat), that I have become a bit of a health nut.
In addition, all my friends say I look so much younger! I brought my sister to see Beatrice and she's just starting out as well....
Patrick Gray

First Name:
Last Name: Dooley
City: Orlando

Health Problem: Beatrice and Christian have helped me take my health and energy to new levels. 5 years ago I visited them on a whim and basically they have opened my eyes and changed my life. Since then I have applied their wisdom and knowledge about diet, herbs and blood type. And havent been sick since and have never felt better!!!! THANK YOU!

First Name: Beth
Last Name: Inman
City: Orlando

Health Problem: sinusitis
I had sinus infections 2 or 3 (or more) times a year and would have to take an antibiotic to get over the infection. I began a cleansing program under the guidance of Beatrice with Nature Sunshine products. After a period of time (several months) I experienced a healing crisis.
Since that time I have had only one infection. That was two years ago.
I do try to follow a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a proper food combining program relating to acid- base balance of the urine and saliva.

First Name: Tina
Last Name: Tan
City: Minneapolis

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Health Problem: Overall Well-being and Balancing My System.
... Ever since my first appointment, I've continued to feel better with each consultation. With Beatrice's herbal and dietary (organic eating) recommendations, my digestive track is less stressed and I do not have problems with seasonal allergies.
In a visit to the dentist some months ago, I was told I would need a root canal. Having had a root canal many years ago, I was very concerned that the treatment would introduce chemicals into my system, and possibly reverse what I've been working on with Beatrice. I made an appointment with Beatrice. Through good diet and an herbal regimen, my condition improved within weeks. That in itself is miraculous since the dentist had told me there were just two options for me - a root canal or extraction.
I am grateful for Beatrice's and Christian's approach and commitment to improving health the natural way.

First Name: Sharon
Last Name: Gheezi
City: Seminole (FL)

Health Problem: Fibromyalgia

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the first day in over 2 months I was able to work without the misery of the spasms in my intestines!
I have not taken the one medication that I had previously taken ease the spasms and allow me to continue my work uninterrupted, since I started on the supplements and was the beneficiary of 'hands on' by you Christian.
I am only sorry it took me so long to see you both.
I have been in 6 countries since January and travel to DC every couple of months so being reasonably healthy and feeling good is very important.
My job is stressful, especially so when I travel. I hope to be feeling even better when I travel in July. I may be going to Hawaii to visit naval bases and ships. Much flying time in both jets and helicopters so I need to feel well and be my usual happy self.
Christian, for the first time in over a year I was able to sleep in my favorite position Saturday night without my shoulders paining me. I still have to take the muscle relaxers to sleep, but can now resume my favorite position without the pain. I pray that it lasts!

I am so impressed with the supplements and the relief I am feeling in such a short time. I spent this evening cooking foods (vegetables) for the next couple of days.......all except the meat. I am still working on the getting it on the Internet.

I have located most of what I need and have pulled plants out of 2 pots to grow additional herbs. I already have pots of basil and rosemary, so I am choosing others to grow. I have also thrown my cereals and crackers to the birds and other things I am giving to my elderly neighbor. I feel good in doing that.

Thank you again for giving me some hope and allaying my fear of possible surgery if I cannot get my intestinal inflammation healed. At last I have some hope.
I am having a helluva time giving up the sugar. I do use Stevia so I am going to incorporate it more into my diet to fight off the demon sugar. Until I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic, sugar was not a problem for me. As soon as I discovered it helped my low sugar plunges I became addicted to it.
I can see it's going to be tough to beat. My sugar dropped to below 50 today and I was like a bumbling idiot. I just get into a mental fog when this happens so I ate hard candy to bring it up until I got home to dinner.
I can tell this is going to be a process of alteration for me. I also know it will take time.


Sharon Faith Radcliff-Ghezzi

First Name: Mary Margaret
Last Name: Shimada
City: Orlando

Health Problems: Miscarriage(s)
My husband and I had been married for 2 years and decided it was time for a baby. When you make that decision, you are filled with anticipation to become pregnant, then, finally hold the beautiful creation you both have made.
Well, it sounded easy. Unfortunately, for us, it was not easy. We began an emotional roller coaster of being pregnant, miscarrying around two to four months, then getting pregnant again. We continued this process for two years and had a total of seven miscarriages.
We were going to a high-risk clinic during these pregnancies. The doctors did all types tests, including a chromosomal study. They could not understand why I kept miscarrying. The doctors could find no medical reason and since I was only 31, age was not an issue. We wondered why? Why couldn't I carry our baby past four months? Finally, on my seventh pregnancy, I ended up in the hospital. Our baby was not alive and didn't want to come out. I had waited for my body to naturally miscarry but it didn't happen. The result was, a large loss of blood, a D&C, and a very scared husband. He thought he had lost me.

Finally, we decided I needed to recover and we would not try again. Then, a few months later, we met a husband and wife, a natural health specialist team. They were able to determine that I was very polluted, toxic, very depleted and needed to cleanse my liver, kidneys, and intestines. This is why I could not carry a baby.

I was a little unsure at first, but when I held certain herbs, I felt a lot stronger. So, I thought, why not try to cleanse. This was all new to me and the medical world could not help me! So I began my program and stuck to it for about a year. Several months later, I became pregnant. We were overjoyed! However, one month later, I miscarried! I almost didn't go to the hospital because I knew what happened.

After four hours, I decided to get checked out at the emergency room. I had indeed lost one baby but there was still one more and it was still alive! I couldn't believe it, we would have had twins. I was full of emotion because I always wanted to have twins. Now, one was gone but most importantly, we still had one.

The next step was to go back to my natural health specialist. Through their help, I took many herbs throughout my full term pregnancy. I mostly remember I had to take large doses of omega-3 and flaxseed oil.
I felt so good and delivered a very health 8lbs. 11oz. boy! He is now 5 years old. A few years later we were thinking about trying again. It didn't take long before I was pregnant again.
Of course I contacted Béatrice Duplantier-Rhea (my natural health specialist) and began another program.
Now we also have a healthy 2-year-old girl. (Nina)
I am very thankful for meeting Béatrice and Christian. They made me understand it is what we put in our bodies that will either strengthen or weaken us. If you put good food in your body, you will have a strong body. This way when it comes time to create a baby, your body is ready for it. It is our decision and in our control to be able to deliver healthy children.

Mary Margaret Shimada

First Name: Kelly
Last Name: Ryder
City: Altamonte Springs FL

Health Problems: strong family history of a rare and deadly form of colon cancer

I first heard about Beatrice as I was searching for something that would heal my terminally ill mother. Her colon cancer was ravaging her body and we were desperate to find a way to save her. Beatrice, unfortunately, was unable to save my Mother, as her cancer had already spread throughout her body, but she was able to give her a much better quality of life than it would have been otherwise. We were actually able to go shopping the week before she passed away and she never used a prescription drug or pain medicine. After learning from Beatrice how to nourish and heal an ailing body I soon realized that this was a way to also heal my grieving self and to keep an active family of four from succumbing to the typical pitfalls of childhood illness and obesity.

With Beatrice's guidance the whole family has become healthy, slim, and happy for over four years! I was so impressed with the changes that occurred by keeping a healthy lifestyle in place, that I decided to make this my profession now that my children are becoming older.

I now have taken many courses and have opened up a natural healing and lifestyle management office of my own. Needless to say, Beatrice has changed all of our lives, and probably saved mine as I was surely on the path to following a deadly family history of a rare form of colon cancer. I now feel confidant that I will lead a long, and healthy life, rather than living in a shadow of fear of things to come.

My family and I ill be forever grateful to Beatrice and Christian!

First Name: Suzan
Last Name: Rich
City: Longwood FL

Health problem: Breast Cancer - stage 4

Courageous Healing
Beyond Surviving Stage Four Breast Cancer

The one thing all women discover about breast cancer is there is no appropriate or convenient time for it. My husband and I had been married less than a year when I was diagnosed with Stage Four breast cancer. I had suspicions that it was worse than I thought but was certainly not prepared for the impact of being told by my physician without hesitation, that I would be in surgery the next week to have my breast removed, possibly half my chest and all of my lymph nodes. The doctor's medical prognosis if I did not get treated, was my imminent death based on how advanced it was. Because of a change of hormones, a small little lump that had been watched and checked carefully for 25 years exploded in growth within eight months. You ask yourself all the same questions. Why me? Why now? And of course what for? Being a Type A, neurotic, left brain, "retired" control commando, and woman of good intelligence who had healed through lots of emotional abandonment baggage, you can imagine my profound dislike on being told that I had NO CHOICES in what I was to do about it. If I did not choose to take the traditional treatment for the Stage Four breast cancer I had been diagnosed with, I would die most definitely within a very short period of time. Always at your first initial visit, you sit there in stunned silence hearing the prognosis, recommendations, and the hoped for outcome if you do take surgery and radiation and the absolute doomsday outcome if you don't. I asked for a few days to think over my options, the drastic medical treatment I did not want or to embark on the challenge of an alternative approach supported by my strong spiritual foundations.

I could see the fear on my husband's face, the horrible prospect of what I had been presented with. He lovingly reassured me that I would not be alone in my decision and that he would be there for me. I found myself reassuring him to not worry.
"I" most assuredly knew I was not alone in this challenge. What he did not understand was my full acceptance and awareness that this disease and the possibility of my imminent death are two things that make you realize the choices you make are about the quality of life you want for yourself. You are the only one who will experience the treatment, the fear, the sickness, any disfigurement, and the feelings of anger at your body for betraying you. Disease and death are w/o bias or prejudice in gender, race, age or religious beliefs. It is a futile attempt to think that your strengths, advantages, success, privilege or wealth will allow you to escape from owning your body in this disease.

I took the few days to weigh my options. Being brutalized by surgery and chemotherapy and the destruction of my immune system was not something I could personally accept. I made the decision to believe in everything that I had practiced in my life spiritually and what I counseled as an emotional addiction therapist. I knew that I would not emotionally or physically survive traditional treatment.

Since it is not in my nature to be a victim or a quitter, I had to believe that my body had the capabilities to heal itself with natural treatments and a change of lifestyle. Everyday, I saw clients who were dealing with emotional and physical dysfunction and it always was brought back to the core emotional elements of fear and hopelessness. This was going to be the biggest adventure of my life! Never had I been so strong in my beliefs and convictions. I now truly had the opportunity to put my spiritual beliefs into practice. I never experienced a moment of fear about the decision I had made. If you are afraid of your body, then you are not in harmony with it. You do not do battle with a disease like cancer and win.

It seemed as though I had an emotional buffer around me or maybe I was still just numb. In either case, this fearless foundation never came from any book or advice from experts in the field of fighting cancer but from the faith and trust in my partnership with God, higher power or whatever you are comfortable with. The medical profession has been trying to defeat cancer for 50 years and are no closer to understanding why it exists in order to create a cure for it, only coming up with better treatments. There is a spiritual philosophy that cancer is a disease of hopelessness of the soul. Being without the hope that we will never feel love, long lost and forgotten. We perpetuate this aloneness and separation as a human tribe with our thought process even in entertainment.

Every science fiction picture I have ever seen portrays the future of our humanity in apocalypse. Never once giving us the possibility that we figured out how to love and accept differences in our humanity and created a world where we have managed to find solutions for hunger, violence, racism, hatred or cruelty. I chose to have hope and placed my faith and trust in something that I knew could work out the perfect solution for this challenge. Even if the outcome would be that I did not survive, it would be on my own terms. There are no guarantees, even with traditional treatment. I was not afraid of dying but most importantly, I was not afraid of living a life where I took complete responsibility for my health, my nutrition and my attitude about who would make choices for my body.

I put the word out to my peers and friends that I was looking for someone who would help me overcome this health challenge. In my search for an alternative treatment that I would be comfortable with, the one thing that was the most important criteria was the people involved were not afraid of cancer either. No fear! Understanding that if given the proper help, the body in its perfection would ultimately be the victor over a virus that could not find a physical or emotional environment to live in. I embarked on a Spartan program created by a fearless Doctor of Naturopathy and Master Herbalist who herself had seen the ravages of cancer within her family. I also incorporated energetic healing with my herb therapy.

On New Year's Eve, five years ago I found that incredible person in Beatrice Rhea from Four Winds Nutrition Club. From the very first moment I spent with her, I felt I was in the hands of someone who knew exactly what I wanted. To give my body a chance to do what it is capable of doing, healing itself with a disciplined regime and a structured support system. I was a physical mess, as I never took care of my body nutrionally. Not eating properly or exercising let alone giving my body supplements to support a healthy immune system. Besides having cancer, I was filled with toxins, pesticides, parasites and yeast. All of which cancer feed on. Beatrice started my program with the approach that first you must clean the body out, build it back up and then help the body do what it is capable of, healing itself.

For five months, I went to Four Winds Nutrition everyday. Beatrice giving me what my body told her I needed in herbs and supplements. Taking radionic treatments along a strict change in diet and behavior. Most importantly, I worked continuously in staying spiritual belief that God was more powerful than any cancer. Where God is there is only love and he is everywhere and within everything. Anything else is an illusion of fear. During the detox of sugar, parasites, yeast, pesticides, preservatives, etc., my husband discovered a new roommate. I became an emotional terror called "Big Red" who did a pretty good imitation of Linda Blair's exorcist role. I was not happy about having to give up all the nurturing food of eating out several times a week, junk and processed food. All of which I lived on, since I did not know how to cook.

A year and a half after I began the journey, I was cancer free. It was not the easiest choice and required a tremendous amount of discipline but I had a life to save, my own. It was valuable enough to me to say it was all worth it. In the beginning, I had to adhere to a strict regime but as I got better and stronger, my body required less herbs and supplements. It has been five years since my diagnosis of breast cancer and as of today, I am healthier than I have ever been. In that time frame, I learned to love my body not as a vehicle I demanded to do, eat, and take in whatever my emotions needed but a presence that I share my life with. A living existence that thinks for itself, reacts, and responds to what you put into it emotionally and nutritionally. I also learned that the body will make sure of its survival at all cost. Sometimes making choices of sacrificing healthy body organs to take care of a weakened one. This is why cancer weakens so many other organs. The body is accommodating for the virus.

The outcome of my health challenge, beside the most important one of being free of cancer is that I live in complete understanding of the difference between nurturing one's emotional needs with improper eating, cigarettes, drugs or excesses. Giving your body what it really needs, good healthy emotions, nutrition, supplements and spiritual foundations.

The medical field's approach to cancer is still search and destroy, forgetting what carries the virus is a precious vehicle that you reside in and belongs to you. My lifestyle has changed to one of constantly being aware of what I put into my body and loving it enough to not want it harmed. I still eat out occasionally but eat mostly organic, no wheat or dairy (allergies), poultry without additives, more fruits and vegetables, juicing, no microwaved food and still take herbs and supplements that supports a defensive approach from a questionable environment.

I exercise more, pray more and am thankful everyday when I look into the mirror and see myself whole. I have never had more admiration, honor and respect for those women who choose drastic surgery and chemotherapy. They live with the results of that choice everyday.

My personal choice of alternative healing was never just about alternative versus traditional or vanity but about healing my whole life. Cutting and treating the symptoms of cancer is only a temporary fix to what might possibly be lurking within, fear. Addressing and healing the feelings of loss: in love of self, love of your body and love in your life is the only approach to be free of the fear that creates cancer in our life. Whatever choice we make to eradicate cancer physically from our body is always a personal one. Once that choice is made, our survival depends upon truly claiming the responsibility, loving care and nurturing of these awesome bodies.

Finally, addressing core emotional issues of an inner woundedness that keeps the healing of this disease hidden in fear. My choice of alternative healing got rid of the cancer but also healed my whole life. Addressing the feelings of loss in your life along with a new perception about how you want your body to feel will eliminate any fear that cancer is more powerful than the infinite intelligence that created it.

First Name: Margaret
Last Name: Brian
City: Orlando

Health Problems: squamous Cell Carcinoma- Skin Cancer

In the fall of 1998 I had a node on the inside of my nose tested. Much to my surprise the biopsy came back as malignant. I bordered on panic. Just the word alone brought anxiety, but I didn't totally give up. I sought all the information available to me, saw numerous specialists all over the state, and resisted the 3 options they all gave: removal and rebuilding of at least half the nose; radiation (no explanation as to what made the intrusive rays stop without entering the skull); or death.
Then the real help came.
First an article about a woman who cured her cancer with diet and supplements. She was in the area and willing to talk to me. Her positive attitude and strong beliefs bolstered my determination.
My family was very hesitant and apprehensive but guardedly supportive. I started on the supplements and diet that she suggested. I discovered Four Winds when looking for a supplier that was more conveniently located.
Christian & Beatrice have been an important part of my life since that day. I was able to visibly watch the gradual shrinking and eventually the disappearance of the node. Although there was no magical overnight cure (it took 2-3 years) I have reaped the benefits of better overall health and a strong personal satisfaction that 'I beat it'.
I owe a great deal to both Beatrice and Christian for their support, humor, and constant advice.   

First Name: Clay
Last Name: Rivers
City: Orlando

Health Problems: High Eye Pressure

Béatrice and Christian totally ROCK! Their dedication, knowledge and graciousness are a welcome change in today's world of the "quick fix."

Five months ago, I woke up to find that one of my eyes was really red, it looked like a tomatoe and that's no exaggeration. And the pain was unnerving. I went to my opthamalogist and I was told that the pressure within my eye was dangerously high and that I needed to see a specialist. The pressure was high because the ducts that normally drain the eye were clogged. I went to the specialist and was basically given a prescription for three different types of eye drops and told that if the main concern was pain management, and if it couldn't be managed they might possibly have to remove the eye.

Needless to say, that was a overwhelming.

Friends recommended that I contact Béatrice and Christian if I was ready to make a drastic change. I was. Béatrice and Christian have taught me (and I'm still in the process of learning) that it's all about changing not only my diet, but my lifestyle, as well as my perception of the foods I eat. Not long after meeting them I was out of town on business for two and a half months. The whole time I was away they were totally supportive and encouraging me in making the changes that I needed to make.

Four months after my bad news consulation with my opthamalogist, I returned for a follow-up check up and was told that my pressure was SIGNIFICANTLY lowered from 48 to 16!

Béatrice and Christian's work has changed my life for the better!
Clay Rivers

First Name: Janet
Last Name: Satterfield
City: Lakeland FL

After years of unsuccessful attempts to receive help followed by declining health, my daughter took me to Mrs Duplantier-Rhea N.D. and Christian Domergue.
I can honestly say they saved my life. More importantly, they have inspired and educated me on how to change what I eat, how I buy and cook food, and how I live in order to allow my body its remarkable ablity to self-regenerate.
I give thanks to God for their help during times of health crisis and their ongoing patience to instruct and encourage me in the daily effort needed for good health.