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Doctors refer to skin as "The Third Kidney".

One-third of all body impurities are excreted through the skin.
The chemical analysis of sweat shows the same constituents as urine. If skin becomes inactive and many dead cells, uric acid and other impurities will remain in body.

The other eliminative organs, mainly liver and kidneys have to labor harder, eventually toxins will then be deposited in tissues.

Dry skin brushing also helps to clear toxins from the lymphatics, and therefore improves immune functions.

It also stimulates blood cleansing and is excellent for poor circulation.

Brush for 10 minutes with natural brush; stroking 7-10 times in each area; always stroking toward the heart.
Start by brushing the soles of the feet and work up each leg up the hip and up to the middle of the back.
Work toward the heart.
Starting at fingertips brush up the arms, across shoulders, down the chest and top of the back.
Don't forget arm pits.

Women should brush the breasts; it cleanses and protects against lump.


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