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Hot Flashes
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

See also Menopause

Hot Flashes are a complex symptom associated with menopause. There is an initial feeling of discomfort followed by a sensation of heat moving towards the head. The face becomes red, which is followed by sweating and fatigue. Hot flashes usually involve a congested liver and weak adrenal glands. It isn't necessarily a problem with low estrogen as much as it is a problem with fluctuations in estrogen levels. So using natural remedies to help modulate estrogen levels is the key.

Essential oils can stimulate the hypothalamus and help to regulate hormonal levels to control hot flashes. One remedy for hot flashes is to mix 10 drops of Clary sage oil, 10 drops of geranium oil and 5 drops of lemon oil into 5 teaspoons of flax seed oil and massage this blend on the abdomen.

A hydrosol spray can also be made for cooling hot flashes by putling some rose and peppermint essential oils in a glass spray bottle with a little purified or distilled water. Shake well and mist the area around the face (with the eyes closed) to help cool hot flashes.

Any of the following remedies may help with hot flashes.

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Aromatherapy, Avoid Xenoestrogens, Low Glycemic Diet and Stress Management

Herbs: Damiana, Licorice Root and Sage

Herbal Formulas: C-X, FCS II, Female Comfort, Flash-Ease, H Y-C, Nervous Fatigue Formula, NF-X, Red Clover Blend and X-A

Nutrients: Pantothenic Acid

Nutraceuticals: Adrenal Support and Master Gland, Natural Changes

Topicals: Wild Yam Emollient

Essentials Oils: Pink Grapefruit


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