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Using Clay as a drawing bath, a face mask, a poultice or taken internally

Drawing Bath

Pascalite clay
has the ability to remove toxins through the pores of the skin. In his book The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky states, "It is a fairly simple procedure, and it can do a lot of good in a relatively short time. Because of clay's excellent drawing effect, the clay has the power to literally pull toxicities through the pores of the skin in the bath."

Pascalite clay


Wendell Hoffman, author of Using Energy to Heal, found that clay, when used in a bath, can and does draw out toxic chemicals through the pores of the skin.

Jason Eaton states on his website: "Taking a therapeutic clay bath, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, is one of the most effective methods in existence to help assist the body in the elimination of toxic substances which have accumulated in the body. Clay baths stimulate the lymphatic system and deeply cleanse the body's largest breathing organ (the skin). Acting both directly on the body and acting as a systematic catalyst, clay used in this manner interacts directly with the body's immune system, and helps to remove the post-digestive burden placed on the major organs of the body."

Clay baths have been shown to be able to literally pull pollutants out like a magnet, getting rid of years of toxic accumulation in just one bath.

Clay Bath

Using Clay and Sea Salt for an excellent detoxifying bath
Natural sea salt

Sea Salt

Detoxification symptoms are less than from internal chelation methods, and results can happen much more quickly. These clay baths have been scientifically proven to release toxic metals and chemicals from the body, and they are so inexpensive that anyone can afford to take them.One can use about 3 or 4 cups of clay in bath water.

To avoid creating clumps, sprinkle clay over the hot water and let it stand without steering. Within 5 minutes or so, the clay will have dissolved into the water and sank at the bottom.

Steering clay in water before it has a chance to dissolves on its own will inevitably create clumps which will be difficult to dissolve.

Adding natural sea salt to a clay bath is an excellent idea. Sea salt acts as a tonic, and increases the ion exchange capability of clay in a clay bath.
Use 1/2 cup of sea salt per bath.

A clay bath should last ideally between 15-20 minutes in extremely hot water and longer in a less hot bath. Submerge as much of your body as possible during the bath. The more clay that is used in the therapy, the more powerful the response.

Face mask

ClayFace Mask for dry and irritated skin.

Mix following ingredients well:
3 tsp clay
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp honey
Wash the face and apply mask to the clean skin.
Hold for 20 min and remove with slightly warm water.
Use a nourishing face cream after it.

What is clay?

Clay is a natural live medium which helps generate and maintain life. What is meant here by "clay" is a greasy sort of earth, found in many different places all over the world. There are multiple varieties of many different colors of clay, known by many different names, each with its own properties.

Why clay?

Clay, when used in moderation, is completely safe and has been used successfully for improving health naturally. Clay is inexpensive and readily available world wide.

What does clay do and how does it do it?

Simply stated, clay draws. The natural tendency of clay is to absorb toxins. It sucks poison from its environment. 
Clay has the power to attract and stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements. It is known that clay possesses both absorbent and adsorbent powers: absorption of the impurities in the tissues, adsorption by pulling out the impurities in body liquids and eliminating them.

Clay acts with wisdom; no matter in what manner absorbed, clay goes to the unhealthy place, where it lodges, perhaps for several days, until it draws out the impurities (or pus, black blood, etc.) with its evacuation. Clay appears to have the ability to know where to center itself to provide the best benefit.

Though clay has been used for years, no one has been able to exactly pin down what makes clay a healer.

How is clay used?

For maintaining good health, as well as healing and therapeutic purposes, clay may be used both externally and internally.

For external use, clay may be mixed with pure water or other mediums to form a paste for soothing and drawing.
Clay can be mixed with water into a paste and placed onto a natural cloth (avoid synthetic) to make a “clay pack” (poultice). The pack is then placed on the skin. Clay can be placed over a tumor, but not on top of an open lesion. See instructions below.

Clay packs can be administered twice a day for 2-3 hours (until the pack is dried out), or overnight to:
  • Calm hot inflammatory pain in joints
  • Reduce swelling and fluid retention
  • Reduce tumor inflammation
  • Alleviate congestion or spasms in the liver and gallbladder
  • Draw out toxicity, when placed over the liver

Clay, applied topically, can also:

  • Draw out toxins from spider/insect bites
  • Heal boils, pimples, warts and skin rashes
  • Remove glass or splinters embedded in the skin
  • Soothe sprained ankles

Internally/orally clay powder can be added to water, juice, etc. or sprinkled on food. In all cases, clay should be accompanied by sensible and healthy eating habits including lots of water.

For internal use, we suggest mixing one part pure Pascalite Clay with eight parts purified water or juice. An example of this 1:8 ratio is to mix 1/2 cup (4 ounces) dry clay with 4 cups (32 ounces) of water. Clay only becomes ‘living’ or activated when it is hydrated. Mix the clay and liquid in a glass or food-grade plastic bottle and shake well. Avoid metal containers or utensils.

Allow to stand at least 15 minutes (preferably overnight) and drink the clear water or stir and drink the "clay milk" first thing in the morning and as needed, or as directed by a health care professional.

We typically recommend drinking 1 ounce of clay water a day for the first week. Provided the body is not constipated, week 2 we recommend 2 ounces of clay water daily. This is a good general health and wellness amount. When addressing health concerns, some people drink more than 2 ounces daily until the issue is resolved and then cut back.

Hydrated clay may be stored on the counter, covered. It need not be refrigerated. Some people report enjoying the clay more when it is cold, however, that’s a matter of preference. All orders come with printed instructions on mixing and storing clay.

Who uses clay?

Clay has been used world wide for thousands of years and is gaining popularity daily.
Ancient Egyptians used clays for mummification purposes because of clay's purifying powers.
Pedanius Dioscorides, a pharmacologist, botanist and physician in the Roman emperor Nero's army, attributed an "extraordinary strength" to the vital properties of clay.
The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder devoted an entire chapter of his "Natural History" to clay.
Scientists world wide are working with various types of clays, excited by their healing potential.
Today, many chiropractors, homeopathic doctors and nutritionists are well aware of clay's beneficial qualities.

From Our Earth, Our Cure by Raymond Dextreit, French naturopath

"It is not possible to foresee exactly what will happen with clay applications, especially at first, but in every case, there is a remarkable improvement, if not complete healing. As there are no dangers to fear (from using clay) there is no reason to oppose giving it a try."

Ray Pendergraft is president of Pascalite, Inc. now and has many interesting stories to tell.

He recalls a story he found in an old newspaper: "Chief Washakie of the Shoshone tribe, on his last buffalo hunt, about 1888, had a white newspaperman with him. After the party had hunted over the Owl Creek Mountains in Wyoming, traveling north from the Wind River Reservation to the Greybull River at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, the newsman got very sick. Chief Washaie ordered his medicine man to cure him. The medicine man muttered some incantations over him, rubbed his abdomen and chest with some herb, then gave him some of the white powder from the mountains in water to drink. After ingesting this decoction ( Pascalite ), the man felt soothed and shortly fell into a sleep which lasted several hours. When he awoke, he was completely well".

"We do not make any claims for Pascalite," explains Ray, "nor do we prescribe it or offer it as an agent for any treatment. But results of experimental usage of Pascalite, as done by the U.S. Testing Company of Hoboken, New Jersey, private testing companies, medical doctors, and users who, acknowledging that no claims were made for it, willingly used it at their own risks, cannot be ignored. I have documentary support of all cases in my files."

Ray shares the results of some of those cases and test with us:

Germicidal test show Pascalite to be sterile; and further, that it possesses the physical ability to occlude and precipitate cultural media. A solution of 2 ounces of powdered Pascalite in one gallon of water used to wash two walls of a hospital room showed a sterile culture 4 days after washing. The other walls, washed by the conventional method, showed daily contamination.

A patient taking 2 no. 00 capsules of powder by mouth four times a day removed all symptoms of an active ulcer and hyperacidity in 7 days.

A wet pack applied to corns and calluses on and between the toes was left on 3 days, then changed and left on 3 more days. All symptoms were relieved, and the corns had disappeared.

Eczema, treated by 'everything' for 10 years, responded within 2 days to treatment by Pascalite, and in 1 week the hands were normal.

Used as a water-and-Pascalite pack on the face and arms of an explosion-burn victim, it relieved the pain almost immediately and these areas did not blister. The hands, given conventional treatment, did blister.

Used in powder form, it has cleared diaper rash overnight.

Three individuals stated under oath that topical use of Pascalite paste had removed all symptoms of hemorrhoid in 2 to 4 nightly applications. Many other have reported similar results in its use for piles, rectal fissures and related conditions.

Kit Nelson of Scottsdale, Arizona explains how Pascalite cured her 22-year old daughter of a serious case of chicken pox: "she was very ill and covered from head to toe with pox which nearly drove her crazy because of the itching and irritation. In desperation she mixed Pascalite with water to a thin consistency and applied it to her body. In a matter of hours ( ! ) the healing set in and she had complete rest and relief. Her recovery was fast and her skin remained lovely - the pox left no scars, which was a miracle."

Nell Coates of Amboy, Washington, explained in her letter of how Pascalite cured her psoriasis: Her doctors said there was "no known cure for it and gave me a list of things to purchase." After getting home and thinking about it, she decided it was too expensive for something that wouldn't work anyway. Instead she ordered a pound of Pascalite, mixed it with water to make a thick paste and applied this to the spots. When it dried, she washed it off with warm water, applied peroxide with a cotton ball, rinsed this off and held a 250 watt light close enough that the heat dried it. At night she applied the paste and wrapped her legs in plastic and let it dry more gradually. She began this treatment in May of 1970 and continued through to August - by then she didn't have even a scar left."

A case of anemia due to anorexia nervosa was reported by a doctor in New York: "As this is an emotional disorder, it is difficult to establish any biochemical effect with regard to Pascalite. Nevertheless, after 2 weeks of 3 No. 00 caps per day, the blood serum of this patient had returned to normal."

A woman suffering from cataracts and threatened loss of sight was advised to use water filtered through Pascalite as eye drops, combining this treatment with Pascalite paste on the eyelids. She reports the treatment was effective, the cataracts dissolving. Two other persons have also reported similar results.

A woman who was taking 3 No. 00 capsules of Pascalite daily, reported that a place on her scalp damaged several years previously by a hair preparation was now growing new hair by using Pascalite applied directly to the scalp.

A sufferer from an advanced stage of pyorrhea was told by her dentist that she should have all her teeth extracted. She began to use cotton pads soaked in a Pascalite-and-water solution, applying them between gums and cheeks at night. Her dentist later found the pyorrhea gone; and now, 10 years later, her teeth and gums are in better condition than originally.

A Cleveland, Ohio doctor who has repeatedly ordered Pascalite, states that he has found it aids in eliminating arthritis, that it reduces cholesterol, dissolves gallbladder and kidney stones, and neutralized metabolic waste.

A man suffering from a case of penile Herpes Simplex first used the expensive cream prescribed by his doctor, but to no avail; the infection spread. He turned to a mixture of Pascalite and honey and within 3 days the swelling had disappeared and within an additional week "blister, cratering, necrosis, and suppuration had healed over with fresh pink flesh." When it appeared again the following year, he "nipped it in the bud by using mere tap water added to the Pascalite and within 7 days it was all healed, and the original blisters never spread as before, and the amount of pain was this time almost negligible. The skin is healthy, pink and unscarred."

Some animal testing and usage was seen by some vets with gratifying results. Several cattlemen in the Worland area have been using Pascalite for the treatment of scours in their herds. Two large tablespoonful placed well down into the back of their pried-open mouths, repeated a second day, was the average treatment used to bring about complete relief from all symptoms. They reported a 100% success during the 2 years they have been using this treatment. One of these cattlemen states he used the same treatment for pneumonia in one of his cows with complete success.

"The list of often-dramatic benefits from the use of Pascalite is so long and varied that it might well cause skepticism in the minds of the uninitiated. The surface has been barely scratched herein; and documentary support of all statements exists in our files."

In addition to its other abilities, Pascalite has been shown to be an anesthetic.

Many users have reported almost immediate cessation of pain following its application in paste form to the areas.

"In our mining operations we have discovered that dead animals, buried in the tailings of the mine which contained a minor amount of Pascalite, did not decompose, but eventually became mummified.

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