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Alcoholism (Alcohol Addiction)
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

See also Hypoglycemia and Addictions (general remedies)

Alcohol is, essentially, a pure, refined carbohydrate, which contributes to hypoglycemia. While a moderate amount of alcohol (such as a glass of wine with a meal) does not seem to cause any serious health problems, excessive alcohol consumption does. Over-consumption of alcohol damages the liver and brain, destroys personal relationships, and is the number one cause of traffic accidents.

As is stressed under Addictions (General) alcoholics need to seek outside assistance to obtain the social and emotional support they need to overcome the habit. Good nutrition can help the process. Cravings for alcohol increase with poor nutrition, so following the Zone Diet plan and dealing with the problem of hypoglycemia will be helpful.

B-Complex or Balanced B-Complex vitamins, Chromium GTF and licorice root can all help stabilize sugar (glucose) levels in the blood and reduce alcoholic cravine.

Some research indicates that evening primrose oil helps reduce the craving for alcohol. Also try 1000 mg. of Vitamin C a day. Alcohol robs the body of large amounts of magnesium so Magnesium Complex may also be helpful.

To soothe the nerves and resolve headaches try hops, chamomile or a nervine combination like Stress-J, Nerve Eight or Nutri-Calm.

In laboratory studies, alcoholic golden hamsters voluntarily and significantly reduced their alcohol consumption when given a water extract of kudzu. In clinical practice, people have reduced (not stopped) their alcohol consumption. The flowers of kudzu have been used to treat alcohol poisoning (hangover). St. John's Wort adds the benefits of bringing the nervous system back into balance and helping to dispel negative emotions associated with alcoholism.

Beer contains a relaxing herb, hops, which might explain is appeal to some people. Hops can be taken to reduce cravings for beer, providing a similar relaxing effect without negative problems associated with alcohol.

Since the liver works overtime to neutralize alcohol when levels are too high in the blood, the liver itself breaks down after long abuse. The liver can repair itself; all it needs is rest. Milk Thistle can be especially helpful for protecting the liver from the effects of alcohol, or in helping the liver heal. When the liver has suffered severe damage due to alcoholism, Milk Thistle Combination and SAM-e, along with topical application of helichrysum essential oil over the liver area will promote healing.

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Nutritional Supplements: Nutri-Calm and Vitamin B-Complex

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