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Addictions (drugs - Drug Detox, Drug Withdrawal)
By Steven Horne, RH (AHG) & Kimberly Balas, ND

Drug addictions are a compulsive psychological and often painful physiological craving for a drug. Withdrawal from addiction requires both detoxification and nervous and glandular system support.

When it comes to drugs, you have to define your terms. Drugs may refer to the socially acceptable drugs such as caffeine, tobacco or alcohol, or hard drugs such as meth, rave, crystal, ice and crack cocaine. Drugs could also mean medicinal drugs available only by prescription, Or over-the-counter drugs, the ones that are so heavily promoted on TV.

Like any other addiction, social support and general good nutrition will be helpful in withdrawal from any drug. Professional assistance should be sought for help with drug withdrawal, but good nutrition and supplements can be helpful.

Whatever the drug, one thing is certain, it will become a burden on the liver. So, herbs which help to detoxify the blood and strengthen the liver are probably central to any nutritional program for drug withdrawal. Consider formulas like Milk Thistle Combination, All Cell Detox or Enviro-Detox. Although the amounts will vary from individual to individual, a person will generally need three to four capsules of these herbs three times per day. It is also important to drink lots of pure water to help rush drugs from the system.

Anyone withdrawing from drugs is going to experience mental and emotional stress. Hence, a nervine formula such as Stress-J, Stress Relief, or Nervous Fatigue would be another important component of a drug withdrawal program overcoming an addiction to tranquilizers can be aided by herbs that also provide a relaxing effect, such as Herbal Sleep, valerian or kava kava. In Other words, if you can find an herb that has a similar, but milder, more natural effect, use it as a substitute for the drug to ease withdrawal.

As with alcohol and tobacco addiction, adrenal Support may be necessary because blood sugar imbalances are often part of addictive behavior. Licorice root and Nutri-Calm can be very helpful.

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Affirmation, Visualization & Meditation, Aromatherapy, Cleansing prrograms, Hydration and Stress Management

Herbs: Chamomile, Kava Kava, Korean Ginseng, Licorice Root, St. John's Wort and Valerian Root

Herbal Formulas: All Cell Detox, BP-X, Enviro-Detox, Herbal Sleep, Nature's Chi, Nerve Control, Nerve Eight, Nervous Fatigue and Stress-J

Nutritional Supplements: Nutri-Calm

Nutrients: L-Glutamine and Niacin

Nutraceuticals: Adrenal Support, GABA Plus, Milk Thistle Combination and THI M-J

Essential Oils: Lavender and Pink Grapefruit

Flower Essences: Be Response-Able

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