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It is to offer an "educated, well thought out" possible suggestion(s) to many health related problems... naturally, of course! It is also to establish a friendly dialogue with you, our customers and answer your questions as best we can with the knowledge accumulated by more than 20 years in this rewarding activity of ours!

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Topic of the week

The "few" possible causes of diseases
In most cases, one has control over each of the causes.

It is entirely possible that you may view this concept with a bit of well entrenched skepticism. Your reaction might be, "This fellow is really out in left field. I can name a bunch of causes of disease: bacteria, viruses, genetics, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, carcinogens, and just plain old age." And you would be absolutely correct-to a point. These apparent causes, plus many more, are merely character actors in the disease scenario. They are not the stars. Read on...

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