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IN.FORM Purify

Healthy Microbiome and Detoxification Drink Mix is a patent-pending formula with nutrients that support purification of the gut and help restore balance to the microbiome. This exclusive formula supports the integrity and function of the microbiome, cleanses the digestive tract, detoxifies the body and provides sustained energy.*

Additionally, PURIFY is a source of glutamine, an important amino acid that supports healthy epithelial function in the gut, along with a proprietary, patent-pending phytonutrient blend to provide superior free-radical protection.*

"All Disease Begins In The Gut." Hippocrates

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My thoughts about health and aging gracefully!

Christian Domergue Many of our customers have heard me say "I was born in 1940 and so far I have yet to visit a medical doctor."

I think I am blessed with a robust constitution but also with a sense of balance when it comes to my day to day life.
This includes the way I think, pray, love, eat, have fun, exercise and control stress! Always grateful -daily - for who I am and for the blessings I continuously receive.
Christian Domergue

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Heavy Metal Detox

Because the body is naturally exposed to small amounts of heavy metals in even natural foods, it has natural defensive mechanisms to help it eliminate these heavy metals and other toxic substances. By nutritionally supporting these mechanisms, while keeping the body's channels of elimination open, one can help the body remove excess heavy metals from the System.

One of the principal detoxifying agents in the body is a substance called glutathione. It is an antioxidant, produced in the liver from three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.

helps cells eliminate drugs and heavy metals and protects the body from damage due to smoking, radiation and alcohol.

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Heavy Metal Detox
The Heavy Metal Detox formula contains N-acetyl-cystine, I-methionine, alpha lipoic acid and sodium alginate. It also contains cilantro, an herb reported to help the body detoxify from mercury, kelp, vitamin B6, apple pectin and magnesium citrate. It is a very useful supplement for helping the body eliminate heavy metals.

This formula is a potent cleanser. Do not exceed I capsule with a meal 2 times a day, at least in the beginning.
If you develop a strong cleansing reaction (rash, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, weakness, etc.), stop taking it for a couple of days. Do some cleansing and then restart with only 1 capsule per day.

Many heavy metals (and other environmental toxins) are not water-soluble. This means the body must remove them by binding them to fats. Thus, essential fatty acids are very helpful in detoxifying from heavy metals. Daily supplementation with I -2 Tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil (Or taking Super GLA and/or Omega-3 Hi EPA) will help bind these toxins in the System for removal.

Once the heavy metals, pesticides or other chemicals have been bound to fats, the toxic fats are taken to the liver where they are eliminated by dumping them into the small intestines through the bile. Fiber is needed to bind these fats and heavy metals so they will be carried out of the body. While any kind of fiber helps, sodium alginate is especially good at binding heavy metals.

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