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Product ID fwcellulitetea
Manufacturer Four Winds, Inc.

Four Winds Cellulite Tea Blend

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Price: $15.95
Organic blend of "skinny up" herbs that will aid you in loosing many toxins that normally affect the build-up of cellulite.

TO USE: This is a loose leaf tea. We recommend steeping the tea for 4 minutes, drink, and think positively.

You must drink a lot of fluids to actually reduce cellulite, since the problem is internal. This tea is the perfect thing to start with!

Size: 1.5 oz.

*Gingko Leaves, *Gotu Kola, *Nettle Leaves, *Wood Betony, *Dong Quai Root, *Ginger Root, *Rosemary, *Dandelion Root, *Hawthorn Berry, *Rose Hips, *Green Tea, and * Stevia Leaves. Contains Caffeine.
(*) denotes a certified organic ingredient.
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