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The philosophy of Cellfood's formulation is: "Toxins out, nutrients in." Its ability to deliver oxygen to the body at the cellular level- while at the same time scavenging free radicals- is at the heart of its detoxifying properties. And Cellfood's wide array of plant-sourced trace minerals, enzymes and amino acids provides foundational cellular nutrition, giving the body what it needs to heal itself, as nature intended.

Cellfood may be used in conjunction with other nutritional supplements, and there are no known contraindications. In fact, Cellfood has been shown to increase the bioavailability of other substances, enabling the body to more effectively use them. If you are pregnant or under medical care, or are using prescription medications, please consult your health professional before using.

Cellfood should be your foundational supplement. There are relatively small amounts of Cellfood in the other products in our line, and so none of the secondary products will replace taking Cellfood. Cellfood is added to our other products as a bioavailability booster, and provider of high-quality trace nutrients as co-factors.

CellFood Directions for use
Adults take eight (8) drops in 8 ounces of purified water or juice, three (3) times per day. May be taken with or without meals. You may mix one day's amount in a water bottle and sip throughout the day. No refrigeration required.

Cellfood Weight Loss Formula will help get your weight loss program off to a strong, healthful start- and then keep it running smoothly. It's a safe and effective way to help you lose weight, without the use of dangerous stimulants.

This proprietary formula combines Cellfood with the fat burner L-Carnitine, and the appetite suppressant Garcinia Cambogia. It's a powerful, balanced combination, and when used in conjunction with a sensible exercise program, it can help you lose unwanted weight and/or inches. Taken before bedtime, Cellfood Weight Loss Formula works while you sleep.

Made from only the finest ingredients, this unique product works naturally and remarkably by assisting the body in
  • decreasing fat storage by inhibiting synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol
  • increasing the body's metabolic action, transforming fatty acids into energy by accelerating the transport of these fatty acids into the cells' mitochondria
  • assisting the body by feeding the cardiac engine and strengthening the heart muscle.
    And Cellfood Weight Loss Formula
  • deeply detoxifies the body
  • cleanses the liver and bowels
  • reduces stress
    Cellfood Weight Loss Formula is non-addictive, non-invasive, and completely non-toxic.

    Weight Loss Formula - Directions for use
    Shake bottle before use. Mix 20 drops in 8 ounces of purified water or juice, and take at bedtime. For best results, stop eating three (3) hours before taking Cellfood Weight Loss Formula. Must be taken on an empty stomach. No refrigeration required.

    WHY SAM-e?
    It is the only liquid SAM-e in the world, and features Cellfood's unique delivery system.

    1. Joint Support
    SAM-e supports sulfate groups' absorption into glycoproteins, which help maintain cartilage and protect joints. Cysteine and glutathione are byproducts of this absorption process and have potent health-optimizing properties.

    2. Supports mood enhancement
    Cellfood SAM-e functions by donating its methyl group to CNS receptors which increases the activity and production of the mood-boosting neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

    3. Liver Health
    In the liver, Cellfood SAM-e supports GSH production and uptake, which is largely responsible for removing dangerous toxins from the body. Because of the liver's continuous battle against toxins, adequate concentrations of glutathione are crucial. Damage occurs when the liver is so overwhelmed by toxins that it cannot produce enough glutathione. SAM-e is a necessary component of glutathione's creation

    Sam-e Directions for use
    Take ten (10) drops directly under the tongue.. keep it there for 1 minute than swallow, two (2) times per day. No refrigeration required.
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