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Blood Stimulator (100 caps) or Blood Build
Product ID: 1881
Manufacturer: Nature's Sunshine
Blood Stimulator (100 caps) or Blood Build
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Chinese Blood Purifier and liver builder.
Rebuilding a weakened liver and removing toxins from the blood will have encouraging corrective effects throughout the body, such as restoring hormone balances, and overall energy levels.
Weakened liver conditions include PMS, hypoglycemia, skin problems, cirrhosis and hepatitis.
A weakened liver weakens the entire body.
Although men get general benefit, women enjoy additional support for female reproductive and endocrine systems. Blood Stimulator also contains powerful immune system stimulant herbs.

Dong quai, peony, rehmannia, ligusticum, bupleurum, astragalus, alisma, lycium fruit, cornus, salvia, ganoderma, curcuma, Siberian ginseng, ligustrum, achyranthes, atractylodes, ho shou wu, cyperus.

Comments by Mr. Steven Horne, RH(AHG)
This formula is a blood tonic and contains the major tonic herbs typically given to women during their childbearing years in TCM. It helps increase blood volume and flow, combats anemia, scanty menstruation and fatigue.
It can also help to resolve menstrual problems and PMS, as well as helping to reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.
It enhances immunity, aids in chronic liver problems and softens hard masses.
The primary tonic in Blood Stimulator is ganoderma (reishi) mushroom, a shen tonic in TCM with adaptogenic properties that calm the emotions, reduce stress and agitation, protect the liver and strengthen the heart. Ganoderma normalizes immune activity, making it useful for nutritive support in cancer, infections and auto-immune disorders.
Other tonic herbs in Blood Stimulator include dong quai, astragalus and he shou wu.
Dose is 3 capsules with each meal daily.
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