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About The Company

Echo® 7 Water Ionizer were developed to provide the absolute highest quality, best performance, unparalleled “Forever Warranty”, accurate education, better hydration, increased energy, detoxification, and a overall better quality of life. We are dedicated to improving life.

Echo® Water Ionizers were founded and developed by industry expert Paul Barattiero, C. Ped.  During the last ten years, Paul observed ionized water improving the lives of patients with Diabetes, family members, as well individuals in the community.

However, no one could accurately explain where the technology came from, what mechanisms really caused it to work, the chemistry, how it improved health, and how the fantastic claims that were being shared were accomplished. 

Paul decided to deeply study the true origins of the technology as well as the science and chemistry of the technology. Through this process, he became very passionate because of the effects that he experienced and his loved ones experienced. Through study, he was able to come to understand how water ionization restructures water to benefit the body.

As many people are not aware of this amazing technology, we are working diligently to improve awareness of the benefits of  Echo® Water and ultimately help everyone live happier and healthier lives. Paul is adamant in providing truth and transparency in marketing as well as accurate and appropriate explanations of water ionization technology.

The Echo® Water Ionizers tout more than 30 patents and registrations protecting the advancements in technology.  Four of the patents protect the most important Anti-Scale Technology. This system completely stops calcium build-up on the electrodes in the water cell by reversing the electrical charge of the electrodes each time the ionizer is turned on.  Stopping Calcium build up on the electrodes and keeping them clean is critical in order to produce negatively charged water.  The Echo® Water Ionizer has a patented system that makes it impossible for Calcium to bond to the electrodes.  This guarantees you the best water forever.

The Echo® Water Ionizer is a medical device in South Korea with the registration No. 610 with the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

After the sale, our commitment continues with excellent customer service,  an unparalleled warrantyThe Echo® Forever Warranty covers parts, labor, and shipping forever and has absolutely no fine print or exclusions. Simply put if anything ever goes wrong with your  Echo® Water Ionizer we will repair or replace it… No questions asked.

We will educate you how to maximize the health benefits of Echo® water. We also support with the installation of your Echo® Water Ionizer.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your family are drinking the healthiest, most hydrating water available.

The Echo® Water Ionizer comes with the only Forever Warranty. It is also backed by a Money Back Guarantee.