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NuCel Replenishing Cream - C-herb category  
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NuCel Replenishing Cream - C-herb category
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NuCel Replenishing Cream may also be used the 2 weeks following the use of C-Herb to further minimize scarring of the treated area.
It was specially designed to penetrate and transport healing across the cellular membrane. It has proven to be highly effective as a healing cream and cell rejuvenator. Use it for everything, from cuts and bruises to burns. It can also be mixed "safely" with c-herb external to soften it - if needed.

NuCel Replenishing Cream has been found to reduce the healing time for the following conditions:

Burns and Blisters
Chapped or cracked lips
Diabetic skin care
Geriatic skin problems

Post P.U.V.A. treatment
Post Retin-A treatment
Rashes and Hives
Solar keratosis

Spring water, petrolatum, mineral oil, mineral wax, canola oil, cholesterol, wool wax alcohol, mono-amino-saccharide, triethanolamine, tocopheryl acetate, plant sugar, citrus extract, methylparaben.

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