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HT by Pure Herbs, Ltd. [4 oz.] or H.T. Comb  
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HT by Pure Herbs, Ltd. [4 oz.] or H.T. Comb
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COMBINATION: Hawthorn, Myrrh and Motherwort.

HAWTHORN: Long kept the secret of a Scottish physician. Natures own transplant was achieved as a new heart grew into the place of the old, defective one. Hawthorn feeds the heart muscle directly. It opens closed and cramping blood vessels to prevent coronary infarction (heart attack due to spastic blood vessels). Hawthorn is engineered in such a way that opening blood vessels occur without trapped debris clogging up a blood vessel somewhere else as it is released.

MYRRH: Myrrh is the gummy, bitter, exuded resin from the bark of thorny trees in the Middle Eastern countries. lt was one of the three gifts given to Jesus of Nazareth at his birth, Myrrh has the undisputed reputation to function in the binding up of wounds and as a healer of open wounds. It is truly fit for a king. It is now known that Myrrh is extremely effective in speeding up the flow of sluggish circulatory fluid by a factor of 4 to 1. This along with its catalyst (regulatory) properties with other herbs make it beneficial for the heart and the circulatory system. The heart's thirst for circulation is quenched by its use.

MOTHERWORT: This bitter mint is part of the common knowledge of many Indian nations. It receives top honors as their heart medicine. Not only does it calm the nerves and prevent spasms, but acts as a tonic and helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Motherwort removes obstructions especially of the mucous type. The nerves to the heart and arteries are calmed and supported. Motherwort is a specific for albumen (egg white in the urine).

GENERAL REMARKS: Seldom has there been a more satisfying experience for a Naturopathic Doctor than, over a period of weeks or months, to hear a weak and enfeebled heart build itself back to a strong and even rhythmic contraction with the sound of a kettle drum, and to watch pressure subside to a normal level. With the leading cause of death today statistically stated as heart failure, action is needed. Routine examination reveals the spread of heart disease to be nearly universal. As always, prevention today is yet the rescuer from miseries. A living health insurance policy might be afforded for us by the daily intake of known heart herbs.

DOSAGE: 20 drops, twice per day for one week and thereafter, 40 drops, twice per day.

The Hawthorn in this combination enthusiastically clean out waste nitrites and nitrates from the heart area in their haste to prevent disaster. When this occurs, slight twinges or stings may occasionally be felt around the heart area. There is no cause for alarm, as no actual damage is occurring, only good things. Usually after about a week, this work is done and the amount taken can be increased to 40 drops, twice per day, without alarming a person.

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