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Co-Q10 (50 mg) (30 softgel caps)
Product ID: 4109-8
Manufacturer: Nature's Sunshine
Co-Q10 (50 mg) (30 softgel caps) Discounts Apply !
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  • Helps reduce oxidative stress in all cells throughout the body.
  • Supports the health of the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function and general longevity.
  • Supports energy production.
  • Exhibits antioxidant and neuron-protective properties.
  • Supports already-normal-range blood pressure levels.

Co-Enzyme Q10 50 mg [Circulatory, Vital Nutrition]. Co-Q10 is a vitamin-like substance present in every cell in the body. It is vital for cellular energy, cardiovascular health and longevity. Co-Q10 helps reduce oxidative stress on cells throughout the body and especially contributes to the health of the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas. It is also known for its antioxidant properties and for its support of already-normal-range blood pressure levels.

Co-Q10 material is often found in a crystalline state, which is less-absorbable by the body. Nature's Sunshine uses a patented lipid blend to keep co-Q10 from crystallizing, and it yields maximum bioavailability. A double-blind human clinical trial showed that NSP Co-Q10 50 mg was at least eight times more readily absorbed by the body than competing (crystalline) products.

This product contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), flax seed oil, soy monoglycerides and co-enzyme Q10.

Each capsule contains 50 mg of co-enzyme Q10 in a base of extra virgin olive oil.

Recommended Use:
Take 1 softgel with a meal, twice daily for circulatory support.

Coenzyme Q10 ("COQ10") is similar to vitamin K. It is essential to the health of all human tissues. It helps move energy and increases the efficiency of cellular metabolism.

CoQ 10 deficiencies are being discovered in a wide range of problems including heart diseases, diabetes, immune deficiency, obesity, high blood pressure, gum disease, ulcers, allergies, reduced mental function, and muscular dystrophy.
Of course, energy efficiency also improves physical endurance and performance.

Co-Enzyme Q-10
by Nanci Metro

Co-enzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is a vitamin-like substance vital to the health of all body cells. It is composed of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atoms and is a co-enzyme that is necessary for cell respiration, electron transfer, and control of oxidation reactions. It is a catalyst in the production of energy that cells need in order to reproduce properly, live longer, and be healthier. In short, if there’s one word to be associated with CoQ-10, it’s energy.

Chemically, CoQ-10 belongs to a group of compounds called quinones.
Quinones are brightly-colored cyclic compounds that also include vitamin K-1. Several quinones are biologically active as co-enzymes and are similar to certain vitamins. Vitamin E also has a quinone-like chemical structure. CoQ-10 is found in every cell of the body, where it works at the subcellular level. CoQ-10 is found in the membrane of the mitochondria. The mitochondria is the sub-cellular powerhouse that produces 95% of the body’s energy needs through its involvement in protein synthesis and lipid metabolism. CoQ-10 pumps protons across the mitochondrial membrane helping in the formation of ATP, the basic energy molecule in the cell.
The action of CoQ-10 is vitamin-like instead of drug-like, so a rebuilding program is gradual. Supplementation is only effective when CoQ-10 is already deficient. It won’t give a super-boost if physical condition and bioenergetic level are adequate. Most people, however, will benefit from CoQ-10 supplementation, because of inadequate dietary sources and body functions that are not optimal. If there is a severe deficiency, it is possible for beneficial results to be felt in a few days. Moderate deficiency takes longer for results to be felt. CoQ-10 assists in increasing energy for the bioenergetic process, especially in times of stress and fighting off illness and disease. Bioenergetics, a term coined by leading CoQ-10 researcher, Dr. Ken Folkers, refers to the union of energy and life at the cellular level.
Because CoQ-10 is found in every cell in the body, it benefits the entire body.

Dr. Folkers has conducted years of research into the role of CoQ-10 in the bioenergetics of human life. He stated that when levels of CoQ-10 in the body drop, 75% (meaning that there’s just 25% of the expected norm in the body), death results. A 25% deficiency leads to numerous kinds of diseases taking hold. Most CoQ-10 clinicians now report that these levels were too optimistic, meaning that disease and death can result with less deficiency of the co-enzyme than recognized by Folkers.
If you are interested in finding out what your CoQ-10 level is, you can ask a laboratory, which conducts the test, to measure the levels in a blood sample. However, it is not possible at this time to check the CoQ-10 levels of specific organs. So it is possible to have adequate levels in your blood but be deficient in certain organs.

CoQ-10 and the Heart
The most research on CoQ-10 has been conducted in relation to the heart, since it has the greatest concentration of CoQ-10 in the body. The heart is a muscle that has tremendous working capacity. Just try raising and lowering your arm all day. The heart also has tremendous energy needs. When energy levels in the heart drop, disease and dysfunction result.
Dr. Folkers states, “I believe it is quite possible that cardiovascular disease may be very significantly caused by a deficiency of CoQ-10.” He adds that it can be treated by oral administration of CoQ-10. Experiments have found CoQ-10 deficiencies in three-fourths of cardiac victims. Healthy hearts, on the other hand, have adequate levels. Diseased hearts are revitalized when CoQ-10 supplements are used.

Heart-muscle fibers can lose their contractility- the ability to contract and then relax to normal length. When CoQ-10 levels are reduced, energy levels fall and the ability to contract is decreased. CoQ-10 supplements can increase and normalize cardiac levels. Supplemental doses of 100 mg a day have been used for people suffering from congestive heart failure. This improves the general condition, increases physical capacity, and provides less difficulty in breathing, less tissue swelling, and less incontinence of urine at night. Supplementation may be long-term, even life-time, since dietary and metabolic conditions creating the deficiency may still exist. In people suffering from heart attacks, CoQ-10 increases heart function and protects it from further damage from lack of oxygen. One study supplemented angina patients with 150 mg per day for four weeks. This resulted in a 50% decrease in angina attacks and a 50% decrease in the need for nitroglycerin medication.

CoQ-10 also helps to strengthen the heart without exercise, which is especially beneficial for people who lead sedentary lives. A study found that 69 mg for four to eight weeks results in a 35% increase in overall heart efficiency (measured by exercise bicycle endurance tests before and after). Another benefit occurs in regard to high blood pressure. The usual treatment is drugs, but they bring along undesirable side effects. CoQ-10 can lower high blood pressure in borderline, mild, or even moderate hypertensives. And it may be the only treatment needed.
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