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The Boomerang Air Sanitizer
Boomerang Air Quality Test Kit

Boomerang Technology

BoomerangAir purifiers (vs Air Sanitizers) have a fundamental flaw. They rely on air being pulled through a unit in order to clean it. This creates an ineffective, high-energy-cost purifier.

The Boomerang Air Sanitizer utilizes new technology that does not rely on filters or air flowing through a unit. It simply produces a blanket of redundant oxidizers that clean your air AND sanitize your surfaces.

The Boomerang Air Sanitizer utilizes proprietary, patent-pending Silver+ PCO catalyst superior to any photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) catalyst currently on the market. It contains five rare catalyst metals and nano-size particles to increase the kinetic rate of reaction, creating millions of redundant oxidizers to kill pollutants in the air.

The Boomerang's UV lamps feature a proprietary long-fife coating, allowing them to outlast any UV lamp on the market. By utilizing a broad-spectrum 254 run UV light, the Boomerang achieves the same oxidizing and ionizing benefits found in nature, created by the sun. By combining the UV light with the patent-pending Silver+ PCO catalyst, we achieve unparalleled results.

What's in the air is what's in your lungs!
Eliminate the problems before they enter the body! The Boomerang is the only unit on the market that uses Nano-technology and creates a much larger surface of purifying. The unit sanitizes 2,000 square feet of open living space, and it requires no cleaning or filter replacement. There’s no maintenance for the first three years! The Boomerang is lightweight and energy-efficient and features quiet operation.
Made in the U.S., using only the highest quality parts. Comes with cable that runs on AC current. (Use a universal adaptor to make it compatible world wide.)
The Boomerang can be easily placed on flat surface, or may be attached to wall. It's small, attractive, and efficient. The unit is designed in the shape of a boomerang so the vents can't be blocked by a wall. Use in your home, your car, hotel rooms, can go thru airport security.

Made in the USA...not just a slogan but a way of life! Dr. Jeff Bennert, PhD in Naturopathic Sciences, spent seven(7) years in the research and development of the unit.
Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Sciences, West Texas A & M University and his staff have conducted numerous studies on the use of PCO technology which has been published in the Texas Journal of Microscopy. One of the most interesting and impactful studies is that of the effect of PCO Technology on MRSA.