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Information and suggestions


General Instructions

Mega-Chel Mega-Chel is a key NSP product for the circulatory system
. It contains a large array of nutrients to support the entire circulatory system-arteries, veins, capillaries-and the tissues and organs they service.

Mega-Chel is one of the most remarkable and effective products ever offered by Nature's Sunshine. Formulated to promote strong, healthy circulation through clean circulatory passageways, Mega-Chel is rich in a large array of nutrients.

Mega-Chel contains 35 different vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutritional substances that help:

The minerals contained in Mega-Chel are chelated, which gives them a high degree of bioavailability. In other words, they're in ready-to-use form, and your body can absorb them quickly and efficiently.

NSP Mega-Chel has been improving people's lives for many years, but it's never too late for you to reap the benefits of this unparalleled product. If you've never tried Mega-Chel, get yourself a bottle today, and find out why Mega-Chel is still the best thing in circulation!

It is very important to start slowly with this program and work up as instructed. Otherwise, symptons such as nausea, dizziness, headaches and skin eruptions may occur. It is also important to taper off as instructed to allow the body to re-establish its own intrinsic ability to absorb these same nutrients from good, healthy organically-grown food.

Working Up To Full Dose

For the first week, take the following with breakfast and dinner:
1 tablet of Mega-Chel
1/2 ounce of Mineral-Chi or 1 tablet of Trace Mineral Maintenance

Each week increase the dosage of Mega-Chel by one tablet.
The second week, take two tablets of Mega-Chel with breakfast and dinner and 1/2 ounce of Mineral-Chi or two tablets of Trace Mineral Maintenance two times a day.

Continue this until you reach full program status (up to 12 tablets a day of Mega-Chel ).

If you are using Mineral-Chi, gradually increase the amount of this supplement until you are taking 1 ounce in the morning and one ounce at night.

Full Program

A full dose of Mega-Chel is 4-6 tablets twice daily, depending on body weight. Large persons should take the full six tablets twice daily.
Smaller persons should take 4 tablets twice daily.
Individuals of average height and weight should find 5 tablets twice daily (for a total of ten per day) sufficient. When you reach full dose, you will be taking the following with breakfast and dinner:

4-6 Mega-Chel Tablets
1 ounce of Mineral-Chi or 4-6 Trace Mineral Maintenance

You will need to stay on this full dose for a minimum of 1 month for each ten years of your age. Thus, if you are 40, you need to stay on the full dose for at least 4 months, 6 months if you are 60, etc.

Tapering Off

It is critically important that you taper off slowly. On the full program you are taking very large doses of certain vitamins and minerals, and the body gets lazy about extracting them from food. Hence, if you quit all at once, your body may experience a sudden drop in nutrient levels until it re-adjusts to absorbing these vitamins and minerals from food.

Taper off by reducing the amount you take by two tablets each week and the liquids by 1/3 ounce each week. After the program, some people use Mega-Chel as their daily vitamin and mineral supplement by taking one or two tablets per day.

Cleansing Reactions

As the body removes the plaque from the walls of the arteries, the cholesterol level in the blood will temporarily rise. This is normal. the kidneys and liver will remove the calcium, cholesterol and other impurities from the bloodstream. If there are indications that these organs are weak it may be necessary to give them extra support as follows:

For people with kidney weakness

(history of symptoms like arthritis, chronic low back pain, urinary infections,etc.): Take 2 KB-C with each meal

For persons with liver weakness

(history of high cholesterol, skin problems, digestive upset, etc.): 1 tsp. LOCLO in a large glass of water or juice upon arising and before retiring. Also, 2 Liver Balance with each meal.

Additional Supplements
You may also wish to add some of the following supplements for special problems. These are suggested full doses. You can work up gradually on taking these supplements as well.

For heart problems: 2 HS II or 2 Hawthorn Berries with each meal.

For senility: 2 Ginkgo/Hawthorn with each meal.

For varicose veins and high risk of stroke:
2 Butcher's Broom with each meal.

©2000 The Tree Of Light Institute, Inc.
Writer: Joan Robinson, Editor: Steven Horne